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Welcome everyone to the third GTQ celebrity spotlight dedication. Your host is me, xxblutixxx, and I'm here to give recognition to the "celebrities" of GTQ's writer community.

It's been awhile, but I hope you all remember our wonderful celebrities the last two times: Aria and HogwartsLove. I gave HL the choice to choose for the next episode and she chose me =S Was not expecting that, but here it goes...

Created by: xxblutixx

  1. Who is xxblutixx in the wri-, hold on a second, *shuffles through notecards* Eep! That's me! *runs off stage and hides back stage*
  2. *gets pushed back on stage* *blushes* Sorry for that, I'll continue. This time, the spotlight seems to have landed on me. Not exactly my favorite place to be, but HogwartsLove did insist. I did give the celebrities the opportunity to select the next person, and she chose me, so I guess it's my fault in the first place. Anyway, here I am, and let's get this started.
  3. *clears throat* Who is xxblutixx in the writing community? Me :) The author of the story quiz series "Don't leave me hanging" which I've been writing since March 2011. Yep, it's been quite a while, yet I only have 36 parts out. I have a long revision process, a lot of schoolwork, and procrastination problems XP
  4. Most of my quizzes consist of that story, but I do have a few that aren't. That includes "The Other Side" series which is a splinter series off of "Don't leave me hanging" (it's kind of postponed at the moment though) and this series of "GTQ Writer Network Celebrity Spotlight". As you can see, I kind of have a thing for series.
  5. Actually, I am slightly addicted to story quiz series; I'll admit it. I check the new quiz list almost daily, looking for new releases of my favorite stories, and I'll often read a several new ones if I'm not busy. I like to help (or think I help) new writers get their footing on GTQ by commenting on their quizzes with feedback since new series tend to have a lack of fans until they get established. It saddens me to see a bare comments board for a story quiz.
  6. How did I get so into story quizzes? A series by the name of "High School, Drama, and Guys" Curious, I read the whole thing, went the user profile (Kirsteen111), took their other series (When Winter Comes), and that's what got me hooked. Strange thing is that I can't remember how good it was... I'll have to reread it sometime... anyway, next thing I know, I'm hooked on supernatural love stories... especially one by the name of "Which will fall for you" by xxdarkxx. It's one of (if not THE) first successful story quiz series of this site, and I highly recommend it as it inspired me to start writing.
  7. You're probably bored with my history, so I'll wrap it up soon. Hm, what else... ah. The GTQ famILY. Without getting too mushy, let me just say that I love you all. The people I have met here, on GTQ, are mind-blowingly sweet, thoughtful, supportive, special people, and I'm glad that I've met you all who I have met. If I haven't met you yet, I'd love to make your aquaintance some time before I leave GTQ.
  8. If you haven't noticed yet, I can be rather chatty and verbose XD I might seem sociable, but that's only when I feel comfortable... in truth, I'm pretty shy. Here's a little secret: I'm intimidated by forums. I read them, but something about them... well... intimidates me. Instead, I live on comments pages =) especially my own, so if you want to contact me, that's one of the best ways.
  9. I'm also in the middle of constructing a site (yes, exciting, I know XD) for all my story... stuff XD character profiles, extra story content that I didn't use (I have a POV from Quincy hanging around), a little blog, and maybe a pictures section. I'll definitely link a CUTE picture of Kris that AiFiahK3mE drew, and I have portraits of Vixla and Quincy in the making. I'm practicing with doing digital art, so if you want me to draw anything for you, tell me :) the only example of my drawing I have up are the dresses I drew from Aria's wedding... nothing spectacular, but you could check them out at ariaandoliver.weebly (.) com.
  10. Oh, I've also joined Wattpad, a website designed for writers and readers... I should probably sign-in again because they keep sending me emails, must mean something XP I don't know if I'll have time to do anything there, but it seems like a really cool site. Oh, and Firey_Soul is on that site, so if you create an account there, you can become a fan of her ^^ (GreenEyedAng3l) and tell her to keep writing "When Worlds Collide"!
  11. Speaking of "When Worlds Collide" (which is a mash-up of her series and mine [angelic4's idea, brillant, isn't she?]), I'm working on a mash-up too. TheRecklessBam (author of The Life Between Magic & Boys and its sequel, Teenage Chronicle) and I are teaming up to bring you "Infusion". Ever wonder what kind of bromances would form if Alex, Patch, Jack, Kris, etc. were in a room together? You'll find out XD Might be a bit until the first part is out, though, unfortunately.
  12. One last thing before I wrap it up: please please please check out Fairygal's series "My Tears Are For You" she's a very talented writer, but she's been feeling the sting of lack of readers =( If you could read and leave her a comment, I'm sure it'd brighten her day =)
  13. *hands out mini red striped pager bags of popcorn* Thanks for reading and enjoy the popcorn! (It's one of the only times I'll share my popcorn XP) Be sure to look out for the following editions of "Celebrity Spotlight" I have a whole bunch coming up! Until then, see ya!

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