Are you a leader or follower?

There is a place in the world for everyone to get a chance to lead. Everyone shoud get a chance to show their skills and shine. But not everyone wants to be in the spotlight. Yes, some people like to be OUT of the spotlight. And no one know why. Some people like to be a mirror image of someone else.

Are you the kind of person that likes to have the spotlight in on you? Or do you like to be unnoticed and away from the crowd? Some people find it eaiser to be away from everybody else, others don't. But soon enough, You will find out just who you really are!

Created by: ilovemyhavanese

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  1. Half the school is wearing purple plaid pants. Even though you hate purple, and you would rather wear dotted pants, you hate the idea of everyone but you getting these, so you buy them.
  2. People are taking about their favorite restaurants. You love Kooky Sushi, But everybody else is raving and ranting about Spaghetti barn. Sarah asks you which one is your favorite? You answer:
  3. Who cares if you hate going on water rides at spilsh splash! Ms. Popular is going, and you can't miss your chance to get in with her!
  4. You are scheduled to go to the mall with your best friend, but then one of the girls in the cool clique asks you to go roller blading instead. You turn her down. You say, "I'm going to the mall with my friend. How about another day?"
  5. Your fam breaks down with the flu. You said you were going to the pharmacy to pick up some medicine and went to the market to get some things to eat for dinner, when really, you were going to your friends party and ditching your fam.
  6. You have HUGE crush on Will. But Chrissy and her gang say that Will is a total loser. "ha ha ha" you say. "just kidding!"
  7. When your BFF slips on the floor in the cafeteria, spilling her soup, coke zero, and mac and cheese all over her new pants, You run to help, but Anna stops you. "don't let her make you feel sorry. She deserves it. Just laugh and let it happen." You don't want your BFF to feel sad, but you don't want to make anna ma either.
  8. Payton is a total jerk. She's mean, stuck up, and cheated on her Spanish test! You know this is not true, but you say nothing. You don't want people going after you next!
  9. You are a big collector of Webkinz. But when Katie see's you have this huge collection, she calls you a baby, and a wimp." Just kidding," you say. You don't wanna be the news of gossip at school.
  10. You're in PE and the teacher asks you to demonstrate the new gymnastics equipment for your class. You feel:
  11. What do you think you are?

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Quiz topic: Am I a leader or follower?