what is your ment to be name

many people do no name their kids the right names so i am here to tell you what your name is supposed to be.you could be a kind little person, or a follower.

so what are you a follower of do set your own trends at school, are you a pushover or someone who needs to take a break this quiz will let you find out, it may shock you so you might want to be sitting down when you take this quiz.

Created by: mariah

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  1. oh no the in crowds all wearing pink do you...
  2. the in crowd wants you in but you have to leave all of you other friends behind and not talk to them would you
  3. ok so you've had your eye on this guy at school, then one day you see you best friend holding hands with him, do you
  4. tell me are you really answering these questions??
  5. describe the perfect guy??
  6. ok rate this quiz
  7. if you had to choose between your best friend and the guy you have been crushing on for 3 years who would you choose
  8. which would you rather??
  9. what mood are you in mostly
  10. what color hair do you have??
  11. are your parents divored

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