Don't You Hate High School? part 4

Congratulations to the winner of the first ever DYHHS Contest, xxblutixx!! She is and amazing writer and she gave me a lot of good ideas! CONGRATS!! Also, thanks to ILuvHolister for her entry!!

Again, thanks to all who entered! It really means a lot!! Well, don't wast time here!! Go read the bloody quiz already!!!! And enjoy!! I sure did, lol...

Created by: Calypso1315
  1. The rest of the day passed without consequence. I avoided going anywhere with my friends out of fear of what they were making sure the coast was clear for. I saw Vincent a couple of times, but every time he winked or smiled at me, I just looked away. I wouldn't  let him get to me. When finally the last bell of the day rung, I hurried to pack up my stuff, say goodbye to my friends and hurry out the front doors and away from Vincent. "Izzy!" I heard Eli and Justin call out, but I ignored them. I just wanted to go home.  I was half way home when....
  2. Plink. I twitch involuntarily as a drop of water falls on my head. Looking up at the gray mottled sky, I silently plead for the rain to hold off just a little longer. I'm only just a few blocks away from home. Plink. A raindrop hits me square in the middle of my forehead. It's official. The world hates me. I rummage through my bag before I suddenly remember; My umbrella is still sitting on the floor of my room where I left it this morning.
  3. How lovely, I think. Improvising, I pull my bag up over my head, just in time for the rain to really start falling. I have an impulse to run, and I'm about to break into it, when I hear my name being called behind me. Don't talk to strangers, I think bitterly to myself. If only it WAS a stranger. The masculine-looking figure is running straight at me. "Izzy, wait!" He says, and I'm tempted to run as fast as I can towards home. But then again, I would probably trip with the luck I'm having. 
  4. "Izzy," the out of breath boy huffs as he slows and walks up to me, "We were supposed to meet in the library." It's Jesse, I realize. "O-oh..I'm sorry...I guess I thought you would forget, so I..uh....I'm sorry," I stutter. He laughs like I've made the best joke in the world. "Yeah, right Izzy. I never forget," he says. I raise my eyebrow. "Nothing? Nobody?" "Not a thing and or person. Especially you, Izzy Kozlin." 
  5. I can feel the color of my cheeks rising. "Uh...good to know. Hey do you want to go to my house instead? My Dad's a History professor at the College. He's got a lot of books on the Civil War," I say, mostly because I don't want to walk all the way back in the other direction on the pouring rain. I forgot the fact that my family would be there to tease me endlessly. "Sure. Lead the way!" he exclaims. This should definitely be interesting.....  
  6. "So...What's your family like? Should I brace myself?" he asks teasingly. "Yes!" I exclaim, too seriously, and he laughs. "Thanks. But seriously, what are they like?" "Just wait about three minutes and you'll find out!" I cry. "How come now I feel like I'm in danger?" he asks, as we start up my driveway. "Because youre about to meet my family..." I mutter under my breath.
  7. "Mom! Dad! I'm HOME!" I yelled as I opened the door and dragged Jesse inside. "Oh good! Izzy, we have some body we would like you to me-" My mom started as she ran down the stairs wearing a flesh colored cocktail dress. "Oh," she said, fixing her earring. "And who might this be?" "Mom, this is Jesse, Jesse this is my mom," I say, staring at her dress. "Is this a bad time? Cuz I can just grab my umbrella and we can go to the library," I say, but my mom waves off my offer.
  8. "Izzy, there's someone coming that we want you to see. Now..uh, I guess Jesse can meet him too! I can get you a dress shirt or something, if you want?" she told him. "No, thank you, but I really should go if you have company. It was nice to meet you though!" he says, beaming at her. She blinks, and says, "Are you sure?" "Yeah, I really should get home. Hey, Iz, I'll meet you at the library after school tomorrow, kay?" I nod, and he leaves as I wave from the doorway.
  9. "Izzy, go get dressed!" my mom says. "Who's coming over?" "Your fathers new boss. He hasn't met him yet, so this is our chance to make a good impression! And help Brianna!" My mother moves off into the kitchen. I sigh, and head upstairs.
  10. I put on a light blue dress that falls to my knees with purple, darker blue, and yellow flower patterns all over it. I put on a pair of turquoise wedges to go with it. "Izzy? Could you help me? I need to get my back zipped..." my little sister Brianna asks. "Sure, kiddo, com here!" She comes and sits on my lap as I pull the zipper up and pull her blonde hair out of the back. "We're meeting daddy's boss?" she asks, and I nod, almost grimly. "I think he Mitty bring his whole family. Maybe he's got ten year old kids too!" She giggles, thanks me, and leaves.
  11. The doorbell rings and I hear a shriek come from below. "He's here," I say to myself. I look out the window to see four dark figures coming up with walkway. I try to get a good look at them, but it's too dark outside. So I head downstairs with Bri and the first this I see is my mother gaping open mouthed at the door.
  12. "IZZY!" I barely have time to come back to my senses when I get knocked to the ground. "Huh?" I ask the person on top of me. Her wavy, dark brown hair looks if from a dream. "Who-who are you?" She looks me straight in the eye as her brother helps her off the ground, then reaches out a hand for me.
  13. Its Lauren and Xavier Milone.
  14. Hey guys! Did you like THAT twist? I literally just thought of it and I though you'd like it! Again, congrats to xxblutiixx for winning! Feel free to comment and rate!!

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