ANOTHER Announcement from Calypso1315

This is an announcement about my series, Percy Jackosn Love Story and Don't You Hate High School? You could have the chance to write a scene or two (or twelve) of the 14th part or a special for one of the guys or part 4, either one! Yes you get a prize.

All submissions must be sent to me by Monday, May 28th by 12:00 am. If you win, you get to choose your own prize, as long as it is within my reach to get you!!

Created by: Calypso1315

  1. Hello, my faithful readers, and/or random person who took this quiz out of boredom. I have an announcement for you all, and don't worry, it's good news!!
  2. Remember how I held a contest for part 5 of Percy Jackson Love Story? Well, I'm holding another one, but at the same time, I'm holding one for Don't You Hate High School? I will pick one winner per quiz series and it won't necessarily be the same person.
  3. You can enter for one or both, it really doesn't matter. I'm going to ask my friends and previous winners natuhleegayle and Jaime to help me judge your heavily anticipated amazing entries!!
  4. Okay so here are the few rules I can remember from my last contest: You can write as many scenes as you like. You can write for one or both of the series. You can only win in one quiz. You must have your entry in by Monday, May 28th by 12:00 am. And most importantly, HAVE FUN, OR I WILL HURT YOU.(Just kidding, about that last one.) Please, no vulgar language if you can help it, and, if you're not writing for PJLS, please, no violence.
  5. Also, yes you will get a prize. Most people who entered last time asked for a character, and that is perfectly okay. Please send along with your entry what you want your prize to be should you win, and if its a character, please send a description. You can have anything you ask for if you win, but let's keep it strictly related to GTQ, if you don't mind.
  6. Okay, and attention, my dear friend natuhleegayle has responded to my email, and we have our second judge (me being the first)!!! She has accepted and I can only guess she's excited. Excuse me if I'm wrong, Nat. Now I'm waiting in baited breath for Jaime to respond.
  7. Okay, so your time begins now, and I just hope all of you who actually do enter have fun with it and enjoy it and the winner we be announced on Monday May 28th. I can't tell you what time, but yeah....So, have at it and enjoy!! Thanks to @PuffBall for reminding me- send your entries to me at calypso1315@gmail(.)com. No parentheses.
  8. Ugh...I have to have 12 freaking questions before I can publish this....You guys can just leave now....
  9. Uh....If you're reading this, theres no point...
  10. Just go!! Lol, get writing!!
  11. UGH! FINALLY!! Thanks to everyone who enters and good luck to everybody!! BYE!!

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