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Okay, so I've been wondering for a little while if I should make another quiz. And I've finally made up my mind. Well, read on to find out more!!!!!!!!

Will you read the series? More importantly, will you LIKE the series. Well, first you gotta figure out what it's even about! AND READ!!!

Created by: Calypso1315

  1. Okay, hello! First, if you're a fan of my Percy Jackson Series, THANK YOU for reading, and thanks for all the nice comments.
  2. Okay, so since Percy Jackson is going so well, I think it's high time I start another quiz. It's another love story, and it's going to be called Don't You Hate High School?
  3. Okay, so today while at a SUPER boring assembly at school, I was thinking. Since all those GOOD book series are taken, why don't I make a Love Story about real life- and in high school? Should be fun....
  4. SO basically, if you bother to take the quiz, your name is Isabelle Kozlin. You're the new girl at your high school- it's November. You're in 9th grade and you just moved from _____(state where you live) to ______(any state of your choice). Using some personal experiences, I already have a pretty good plotline already written up for you!!
  5. You had it pretty rough at youre other school and youre hoping for a new start. The only person who ever liked you left, your crush moved away, you constantly get rejected, your so called 'friends' used you to get to other people, and other people were always mean to you, constantly bullied you. Part of you was hoping for a new start, for friends, but the other half knew that this would be the same as last time. Little did you know that your Freshman year would be the most memorable year of your life....
  6. Okay, so I hope you tune in for part 1 which will MOST LIKELY come out on Sunday, maybe Saturday, if I can get everything done that I need to. I hope you enjoy it!!!
  7. Also, PJLS fans, don't worry, I'm working on Percy's Special as often as I can. I'm having a little trouble, and I'm not exactly having the best week (friends trouble) but I'm trying my best to get this up for you!! I hope you tune in for both, and just please, KEEP READING!!
  8. Now: Random words!!
  9. BACON!
  10. Mustard!
  11. Isabelle
  12. Okay, well, stay tuned!!

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