Percy Jackson Love Story - Special Edition is out!

Percy Jackson Love Story - Special Edition (That's a mouthful) is now out! It's not appearing on the homepage, so go to @Calypso1315 profile and check it out! :)

I really hate these paragraphs, I have no idea how you guys can get away with not posting them. BUT, why are you here after reading the announcement? Go check it out!

Created by: natuhleegayle
  1. So, @Calypso1315 posted up Percy Jackson Love Story - Special Edition but, idk. Gotoquiz isn't putting it on the site and you know how much of a pain it is.
  2. It's only fair, it's an amazing release! I read it and you guys should really check it out if your a fan of hers or like percy jackson, but if you haven't or don't, you should check it out anyways! Just go to her profile and it should be there!
  3. Now, this is the dreaded part, writing questions till 12, just so i can publish it. Pfft. I really have nothing to say really but other than check it out! LOL, I'm no good at these things, honestly. I'm an awkward turtle.
  4. Let's talk about her story so far! I think it's brilliant! Different genre rather than Harry Potter, she really adapted to the story well! Don't you say? Her new characters are totally adorable as well, and then there is Percy, Grover and Luke. I can't help but to think of them from the movie adaptation because they were cute and funny.
  5. Her story version of Percy Jackson just makes me wish, this, along with Hogwarts was real! I love the fantasy world! Don't you? I find myself, more in Ravenclaw and hmm, I really LOVE artemis but she doesn't have kids. So, I'm a Hunter of Artemis! Maaan, I really can't wait till she releases another installment, right? :)
  6. So, I hope you're enjoying her release! If you're reading this and have NO IDEA what I'm talking about, then I guess you have to go to her profile and check out her series! She just started so you can catch up! Haha :)
  7. Haha, she's a real chill and cool girl to talk to! You should also take the moment to share your ideas if you have any, she's happy to talk to anyone and just brainstorm with her!
  8. Also, if you entered her contest, she announced the winners, I think ... in the second paragraph! Yeah, seems right! But, yeah check it out! Continue to support her as well as other authors you love and let your creativity spread around the world.
  9. So, I'm about on the eleventh question right now. So, I think I should just say farewell and I'm going to go back to work! Don't forget to comment and rate her work :)
  10. Alright, see you guys :)

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