Percy Jackson Love Story part 13

Okay, guys, well, it's quest time!! Will you find the lightning bolt in time? Or will some people get in your way? Only one way to find out...READ THE QUIZ!!

Will you get the guy of your dreams? Or will you remain just friends? Well, take the Percy Jackson Love Story quiz and find out for yourself! Good luck!

Created by: Calypso1315

  1. It didn't take you long to pack. This was a quest, and you really didn't think you'd have time for all the beauty products your siblings tried to stuff in your bag. You hastily took them out, and replaced them with a change of clothes, toothbrush, hairbrush, a book of Greek mythology, just in case, and a small, black box that (remember the Naiad?) Cassidy had given you. You hadn't seen her in what felts like years, and when you saw her, you started cry in and ran over to hug her. She seemed overjoyed to see you too. She helped you pack, and as you worked, you told her everything that had happened to you in her absence.
  2. She oo'ed and ah'ed in all the right places, and groaned for you when you told her about the 'fight' with Luke, and about how jerky Dominic was being about everything. When you finished your epic tale, (Me: Lol, EPIC?) she got up and hugged you, then looked you in the eye and asked, "You okay?" You laughed and said, "Yeah, Cassie, I'm fine." She looked at you doubtfully before carrying on. "So are you ready for this? Your first quest? Your not nervous?" she asked, still skeptical. "No, i'm scared out of my wits on the inside, but I'll survive. I'm gonna miss you and-" "VIOLET WILDE HOW COULD YO-" "ROSE! SHUT UP!" You broke off as Rose and Silena burst into the Cabin and rushed over to you and wrapped you in a big, warm hug. "Why didn't you tell us you were going on a quest?!" Rose inquired loudly when she and Silena had released you and you could breathe again. Rubbing your ribs, you said, "And when was I supposed to tell you? I haven't seen you guys since this morning...." "Oh....right....Well, why didn't you...nevermind! NEVERMIND! Just promise me and Silena you'll be safe!! I don't know what we'd do without you, Vi!" Rose gushed. You beamed at her.
  3. "Rose, I promise! I PROMISE! I'll be back before you know it!" You suddenly felt overwhelmed by the fact that you actually might not come back. You felt tears well up in your eyes, and Rose, Silena and Cassie hugged you again upon seeing them. "Okay," you said, backing away, rubbing tears out of your eyes and picking up your small bag, "I should get going. Percy will be waiting for me." Rose, looking eager, asked, "Can we walk down with you?" "Sure! Of course!" You cried. Cassidy hooked her arm through your left, and Rose through your right, Silena through her left, and you all exited the Cabin, and walked towards the Big House, talking about all the things you guys would do together once you came back, assuming your still alive.
  4. When you where at the foot of the stairs, you turned to your friends, hugged each of them tightly and smiled. While you were hugging Rose, a male voice called, "Vi! VIOLET! WAIT!" You, fearing it was Luke, and seeing the figure running towards you, unable to make out the face, smiled once more at Rose, Silena, and Cassidy and hurried up the steps. As you shut the door behind you, you heard the person yell at your friends to let him through. You had half a mind to go back out there and hit him for yelling at them, but Percy had spotted you. "Vi! Look, Chiron, she's right here!" He said, smiling, as he got up from the armchair he was sitting in. You set your bag down on the floor next to your feet and walked over to him, returning his smile. "Hey, Percy--" "Ah, here is Violet," said Chiron as he entered in his wheelchair, Grover looking at you anxiously from behind him. "Violet, are you coming with us?" You nodded. He looked pleased, but also troubled.
  5. He turned to Percy. "Did you tell Annabeth yet, Perce?" he asked. You felt an angry look come on your face as a petrified one went on Percy's. "No. Oh, my gods, no, I forgot!" He said, raking his hands through his black hair. "What do you mean 'tell Annabeth'" you asked, practically spitting her name. Grover and Percy both looked at you sadly. "Violet, before Percy asked you to come on the quest..." Grover started, "Annabeth asked to come. I told her to wait, and then I went and asked you instead," Percy finished, looking at you as if he wanted you to forgive him for a horrible crime. You simply stared at him. "But why didn't you take her instead? She's been here longer, she's smarter, she's a better fighter. Why me?" You asked, mentally asking yourself if you had actually said that. Percy smiled and said, "Honestly? I like you better. That, and Annabeth kinda scares me...."
  6. You felt your face redden slightly. "So...when are you gonna tell her?" You ask. "Never, if I can avoid her. Hopefully we can leave before she finds out what happened...But I seriously doubt my luck, so we'll hafta hurry up so we don't all get speared in the stomach," he says, also blushing. "Nicely said, Percy," Chiron says as he enters the room in wheelchair form, "So I suggest you leave now. Argus will drive you into the city. After that, you'll be left to your own devices. Come," he says, gesturing to the door. Percy left first, followed by Grover. However, you stayed behind. Luke was walking quickly towards Percy and Grover.
  7. You stood there, keeping completely still, breathing as softly as you could behind the door. It was in your mind, that if you made the slightest movement, Luke would immediately know of your presence. You didn't like goodbyes- and your heart broke to simply imagine one being exchanged between you and Luke, especially now. ".....Glad I caught you!" Luke was saying to Percy, "Just wanted to wish you guys good luck, and give you these." "Sneakers?" You heard Percy say. "Just wait for it...Maia!" "Whoa!" "Awesome!" "They served me well on my quest..." Quest? Luke had a quest? You didn't know anything about that......"Of course I don't use them much anymore, so I thought you could use them. Where's your third part?" Your breath caught in your chest. 'No, Percy, no...Please don't...' You thought to him as hard as you could...
  8. "...Uhm, they're already in the car down at the bottom of the hill with Argus. Thanks, Luke!" "Your welcome, Percy...But, please, just...kill some monsters for me, 'kay?" You heard Percy laugh and say, "Of course, man!" You heard retreating steps and snuck a look outside. All you saw was Luke's retreating form, shoulders hunched, hands in his pockets. You sighed and leaned against the wall, breathing hard, when the door opened, and Percy appeared. He took one look at you and, with a concerned look, said, "You're hyperventilating." You half smiled at his bluntness and said, "Am not." He reached out for your hand, which you took (Despite your feelings for him) and let him lead you outside. You were half-way down the hill, with the car and Argus both in sight, almost, just almost, close enough to touch, when...."Violet!"
  9. You sighed again, dreading who you would see when you turned, but found a pleasant surprise. Behind you, Camellia and Jaime were running down the hill towards you. Camellia, being smaller and quicker then Jaime, reached you first. "Were you gonna just leave without saying goodbye?!" She asked incredulously. Jaime, huffing, came in behind her. "Yeah, Cam, I think she was..." You hadn't spoken to Jaime or given her another thought since you had spoken to your mother what seemed like a million years ago. "Jaime, I..." "Save it," she said, a cold, hard look in her liquid topaz eyes. Suddenly, the look melted away, and tears came. "Just...find that friggin' lightning bolt and shut Zeus up, will ya?" You, having noticed you were crying too, gave a watery chuckle and wrapped your friend in a tight embrace. Then you turned to Cam, who also had a hard, but friendly, look on her face. "If you meet Medusa, Vi, don't let her speak. Just cut her head off," she said as she hugged you tightly. You nodded but couldn't resist in asking why. With tears on the brim of her eyes, about to fall, she said, "She killed my father and brother." You gasped involuntarily. "Do you promise?!"
  10. "I promise, Cam. I promise," you vowed as you wrapped her shaking shoulders into another tight embrace. You turned back to Percy, smiled and nodded before turning back to your friends. "Wish me luck!" "Good luck, Vi! We'll miss you!" said Camellia, back to her smiling self. "Yeah...I really hope you live, Violet..." said Jaime. You chuckled and got into the car, waving them goodbye until your friends were out of sight. When they were gone and you couldn't see Camp Half-Blood any longer, you sat back in you seat, huffed, and closed your eyes. "Whats wrong, Vi?" Grover asked you from the other window seat. "I think I'm actually gonna miss that camo..." You said, and Percy threw you a look from the middle like, 'HOPEfully...' You all sat quietly for a minute, enjoying the peacfulness. But you're Demigods. And peacefulness is a fraud.
  11. I'm gonna wrap it up! I hope you enjoyed it and part 14 will be out ASAP! Also, as usual, feel free to comment, rate and email me at calypso1315@gmail(.)com. I check my email everyday, so don't worry...Anyway, I hope you liked it and thanks for reading!

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