Percy Jackson fanfic Mary-Sue test

This is mostly for RPG characters, based on PJO fandom. //Its wonderful that you decided to try this out, and I know it totally sucks but it's the best I could do.

Is YOUR Character a Percy-Sue? This is very prevailent in a lo of the PJO RPGs I've seen, like "Elmo Overwoods" and such. if your character is a sue, you need to get it some help. I'd love to know what PJO RPGs you're a part of, so comment! Have fun.

Created by: Miss Murder

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  1. (RPG Charries)Do you know who you want to claim your charrie, if it is a demigod/cyclopes?
  2. (RPG Charries) Take the normal Mary-Sue test for your character. What did you get?
  3. (RPG) Does your character have special powers before claiming? (Like, she was somehow very smart or he could somehow control water)
  4. Does your charrie have something normally associated with one of the gods? (Like, electric blue eyes)
  5. Is this charrie a demi-god?
  6. Does your charrie come stumbling into camp, tormented by monsters the whole way, and their protector has died fending the monsters off?
  7. Does above character ^^ get found and tended to by the one who is to be their true love?
  8. Does one of the canon characters fall in love with your character?
  9. Does your character have a rival who ends up being their best friend?
  10. Do you think this character is a Sue?

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