How well do you know "Percy Jackson and the Olympians"?

Percy Jackson...what do YOU think when you hear that? The movie? The books? Camp Half-Blood? How about "demi-god"? Or "cyclops"? Why don't you try and test your skills...

So do you think you have what it takes to beat this quiz? Do you know the series font to back? Can you recite Oracle lines, and write Camp Half-Blood in Greek? Are you such a Percy geek as I am?

Created by: KimcheeFTW
  1. In the beginning of book 5, what kind of shoe is Percy wearing?
  2. Who is Percy's "What-if?" girlfriend?
  3. By book 5, what does Athena think of Percy?
  4. What is the cyclops who Grover is pretending to be a lady cyclops's name?
  5. Who says the "next Great Prophecy"?
  6. Why does Annabeth always fight with that certain knife?
  7. Who does Percy give Pandora's jar to?
  8. How did Percy descibe Paul Blofis's school's band?
  9. What kind of car does Paul drive?
  10. What's Percy's pegasus named?
  11. (This has nothing to do with the books, but you should know!) How do you pronounce Rick Riordan's last name?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know "Percy Jackson and the Olympians"?