Percy Jackson Love Story- The Story behind the Story

Well guys, we all know how Luke and Dominic hate each other to the very core. And now, you're gonna find out why. WARNING: MAY CAUSE EXTREME CRYING.

Luke and Dominic have been best friends since they layed eyes on each other. What could possibly change that? Well, read on and find out for yourself!

Created by: Calypso1315
  1. First off, this is probably gonna be the last thing I'm going to post for several WEEKS- yes, weeks. I'm sorry to announce that I have exams coming up at my school and I am forcing myself to retire to my bedroom and study my BRAINS OFF. I must apologize to @natuhleegayle for dumping this on her- and right after Jaime left us temporarily as well. One more thing is that I'm terribly sorry to be 'leaving' any and all of you- but don't worry, I'll be back for the summer, rejuvenated, relaxed, and ready for summer with all new ideas and twists that will make your heads spin! So..yeah. And since I'm not going to be on for a while, I've decided to give you some background info on two of the guys. ENJOY!!
  2. July 18th, 2009 Camp Half-Blood As the sun began to peek over the horizon, a 13-year-old Luke Castellan tip-toes as quietly as possible around his sleeping cabin mates. He grabs a backpack off of the floor right next to the door of the cabin. He turns back, taking on last look of Cabin 11- the cabin dedicated to his father, Hermes. He sighs, and leaves the cabin. He creeps over to the other side of the area designated for cabins, and over to a large, red one- Ares cabin. he knocks gently on the cabin door twice. The door creaked open slowly, revealing the face of Luke's best friend- 11-year-old Dominic Reed.
  3. Dominic's face broke into a large grin when he saw Luke standing there. "Hey, man!" He whispered excitedly, "You ready to go?" "Yeah. Let's just go get Brandon and we'll get on our way," Luke whispered back. Silently, Dominic grabbing his bag, and headed quietly over to Demeter cabin. They rapped quietly on the large brown door, hoping they wouldn't wake Brandon's little sister or brother. Almost immediately, Brandon's, the third part of their trio, face appeared as he opened the door. he smiled broadly at them, his tan face brightening, his brown eyes sparkling. But sure enough, behind him stood a small, 10-year-old girl- Brandon's sister.
  4. The small girl with wispy brown hair and a dreamy yet concerned expression on her small face look up at Brandon as if she thought she would never see her brother again. "Please be careful, Brandon!" The young girl cried, "You and Michael are all I have left!" Brandon grimaced, as if remembering a painful memory, as Luke smiled down at the little girl and ruffled her hair. "Don't worry, Camellia! We'll come back for you. You won't ever be alone," he assured her, and she smiled gratefully up at him. Luke smiled back before turning to his friends and saying you ready to go get that apple?", a crazy grin spread across his face. Brandon rolled his eyes and smiled. "Yeah, yeah, off to the Garden of the Hesperaids we go. Cam, tell Mikey I love him," he said, hugging the girl, as she watched, tears starting to form. Dominic waved her goodbye, as Brandon grabbed his bag and they left. He continued to wave at the little girl until they were out of sight.
  5. *TWO WEEKS LATER* Dominic felt he had aged several years since that day. Since the day he had waved Cam goodbye, knowing perfectly well that he might not ever see her again. Dom had always liked Cam. Even though she was Brandon's little sister, he had always had a crush on her. But he knew he'd be okay- after all, he had Luke and Brandon with him. Brandon, even though he was a son of Demeter, was a tough guy. He was handsome, nice, smart, the complete package, especially when it came to fights. Luke, well, he was a bit of a spotlight hog. Of course, he had always had the brains and fighting ability and looks to make up for it. he had always been the one who got all the attention. And Dominic hadn't minded. Until now.
  6. Luke was getting on Dominic's nerves. Dominic was frustrated- this always happened- Dominic getting thrust into Luke's shadow. Back in New Jersey, the boys had run into a hellhound- one straight from the Fields of Punishment. Luke had fought bravely, but it was Dominic that killed the thing. But still, Brandon gave all his attention to poor, unfortunate Luke. Dominic thought of what happened at Camp every time Luke won a battle. Dom's siblings would pat him approvingly on the back, the girls from Aphrodite cabin would sworm him, giggling maddly- and Dominic? He was thrown to the back of the crowd.
  7. Dominc hated Luke for it. But he said nothing. He would have his moment- good things to those who wait, right? But now, Dominic couldn't focus on his attention;hog of a best friend- he was more focused on planning onhow to stay alive. With every step Dominic took, the montain in the distance came into clearer and clearer veiw. What elt like seconds later, Dominic, Luke, and Brandon found themselves at the top of the mountain. One tall, healthy tree emerged from the fog- as did the dragon (Ladon, it was called) rapped around the trunk. It snored loudly, but Dominic had a feeling that it wouldn't stay asleep for long. Dominic looked fearfully at the hundred-headed dragon, an expression of terror no doubt on his face.
  8. The boys stopped and hid behind a bush. They looked over the dragon at the hundreds of Golden Apples- Zeus' wedding gift for Hera. And they were supposed to steal one? "Alright, here's the plan," Luke whispered, " You two stand at the ready in case Ladon wakes up. I'll go for the apple." Brandon and Dominic nodded, but as Luke was creeping towards the tree, Dominic could't help but think, 'Of course, Luke. You get the least dangerous job.'
  9. Dominic could't take it any longer. He wondered how Luke would like fighting a real live dragon, instead of those pathetic dummies back at camp. He pick up his sword, SoundSlasher, as Brandon whispered, "What are you doing?!", and slashed at one of Ladon's many heads. Ladon roared awake, his claws clawing blindly at the air, catching Luke, who flew several feet, in the face. Dominic felt momantarily triumphant until a sinking, guilty feeling spread into his stomach. What had he just done!? That was his friend! And then, the dragon turned to him and Brandon. The boys stayed trapped in battle for several minutes before Luke joined them, the skin from his right eye to his jaw bleeding badly.
  10. Suddenly, te world seemed to freeze, time seemed to stop, as Brandon let out a scream of pain. Dominic looked a his best friend, seeing his sword fly out of his bloody hand, Brandon falling to the ground, with three dark-red, fatal wounds on his chest. Dominic let out a silent scream, just standing there, staring at his friend's motionless body.
  11. Luke droppped his sword. He forgot where he was. He forgot what he was doing. He forgot who he was. He forgot that there was a hundred-headed dragon behind him. All that mattered was getting over to Brandon. He ran to him, draggin him a safe distance from Ladon, who lay back down, thinking the boys were easy to break. Luke cried silent tears as he asked Brandon to please, PLEASE open his eyes. Brandon opened his eyes slightly, smiling up at Luke. "Luke?" Tell my sister...tell Cam..tell Michael..t-tell them I love them, okay?"His body shaking with sobs, Luke said, "I will. I love you, man." Brandon smiled at Luke again. "I love you, too, man." And then, he looked beyond Luke, smiling at something unseen. "I dad." And with one final breath, he light of Brandon's brown eyes faded, the ghost of his last smile still on his face.
  12. Luke's best friend was gone. Dominic came running up, tear tracks glistening on his dirty face. He opened his mouth to speek, when Luke roared, "SHUT UP, DOMINIC!" Dominic looked at him, wide eyed. But Luke was furious. "I know what you did, you selfish little kid! It's YOUR fault Brandon's dead!" Luke shouted, anger rolling off him in waves. "Luke, I-" "NO! SAVE YOUR BREATH! I don't want to hear it! Maybe if you weren't so cowardly, he might still be alive!" Resigned, Dom said, "Yeah, okay. So what now? Are you just going to leave me here?" "No, as much as I want to, I am not. We'll go back together. But make no mistake- I am not your friend." With that, Luke strode over to the tree, grabbing BackBiter as he went, and took an apple off of the tree, then strode back. "What are we going to do with his body?" Dom asked. With a sigh, Luke said, "We're going to bury him."
  13. Fifteen minutes later, there was a large grave, bearing the sign, 'HERE LIES BRANDON, SON OF DEMETER, WHO FOUGHT BRAVELY UNTIL HIS UNTIMLEY END'. Luke said goodbye once more before walking down the mountain. Dom stayed behind for a moment. "I'm so sorry, Brandon. I didn't mean to get you killed. I'll never forgive myself, and I don't want you to even think about forgiving me either. I miss you. Good-goddbye, man." And then, Dominic follwoed Luke down the mountain.
  14. *1 WEEK LATER* "Hail, Brandon, Son of Demeter. May his soul rest in peace in the Fields of Elysium for all time," said Chiron, a forlorn look upon his face, as if he had done this too many times, as he burned Brandon's brown shroud. Camellia cried silently on the shoulder of her older brother, Michael. The crowd dispersed as the shroud became unrecognizable. Dominic walked away, his hands in his pockets, until he was kicked to the ground. He turned, expecting to find Luke, but instead finding Camellia. She had a mad beyond mad look on her face, her wispy brown hair flying around her face. "YOU PROMISED!!! YOU PROMISED HE WOULD COME BACK! YOU AND LUKE!!! YOU LIED!! I HATE YOU!!!" She cried, as he kicked him one more time as he tried to get up. She ran from him. Dominic hadn't felt so bad in his life. When he got up and turned, he found Luke. There was a dangerous, insane twinkle in his eye. "She's right. And he would've come back. If not for you...." Luke said as he passed him. Dominic, unable to take anything else, unsheathed his sword and prepared for a fight. Luke just looked at him. "Don't flatter yourself. I'm not fighting you. You've done enough. Just go away." Dominic stared at Luke before running off to his cabin.
  15. *PRESENT DAY* Dominic sat in his cabin, listeing to the rain drum on the roof. He thought about that day 3 years ago. He still hated Luke. Luke still hated him. They were the bitterest of enemies. But that didn't change how he felt about Brandon or Cam. Not even Violet. That was why he yelled at her what seemed like forever ago on the beach. He thought she had chosen Luke over him. He couldn't blame her. Brandon had. But he knew one thing- if a fight came out between him and Luke, no one was going to die this time. Except maybe Luke.
  16. Okay, guys, I gotta go now! I will be back on as soon as I can and I'm sorry I have to leave in the first place. I love each and every one of you! 'Fly you high'!

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