This is NOT another love story: Intro

this is a heads up ok? This quiz is to determine witch guy you should take the NEXT quiz on: Garret, Kyle, or Justin. This is for GIRLS. Sorry guys!!!!

let's find out what guy you'll get!!! Take the quiz and find out! Look for my up coming series(s) "This is NOT another love story: Garret" , "This is NOT another love story: Kyle" , & "This is NOT another love story: Justin"!

Created by: BlueClouds
  1. Just an FYI: this quiz will decide wich quiz you should take in my up coming series(s).
  2. Do you like blondies? Blue eyes?
  3. Do you like guys with brown hair?
  4. Sporty guys?
  5. Smart guys?(not geeks)
  6. Hair length?
  7. Cute to EVERYONE?
  8. Wat about his height?
  9. Rebel, party guy, or nice boy?
  10. Wat would you guys do together?(as friends)
  11. Sensitive?

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