Viva La Vida Love Story Part I

VIVA LA VIDA: Means in Spanish, "Long Live Life". In this quiz, it was originally supposed to be, "Long Live Love." which is "Viva La Love" but it turned out to be "Viva La Vida Love."

And yeah. Hope you will enjoy it, please read it, I'm no professional author, but I hope this story brightens up your day or something, thanks okay cool so ya.

Created by: ThursdayLuck154

  1. Okay, let's imagine there's a girl called Kaylin, wavy dark hair, light blue eyes, pale skin. KAYLIN: So, one morning I was jogging around the park for my morning run. Suddenly, I bumped into a complete stranger. "Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry! I wasn't looking!" I gasped, then saw whom I bumped into-a guy with auburn hair, about my age. He's lovely emerald eyes gazed at me for half a second then said quietly, "It's alright. I should be more careful as well." then he paused and cleared his throat. "So, here's my phone number. Call me anytime." he pulled out a piece of yellow paper from his pockets and produced them to me. I grabbed it and gave him mine and smiled nervously at him. "Anytime." I echoed. His gaze left as he jogged in the opposite direction of me, breaking the spell.
  2. Imagine another character-a girl called Sophie. This time, blonde hair, green eyes and tanned skin. SOPHIE: It seemed ages until our teacher called out our science partners for this year. I was tapping my foot impatiently and spreading lip gloss on my lips. "NO make up!" our teacher warned me sternly. I rolled my eyes secretly and dropped the lip gloss in my bag. "Sophie, your science partner is going to be Jake." the teacher said to me. My partner, Jake, stepped out from behind the teacher and smiled shyly at me. "Hi, I'm Jake." he smiled. I was staring at him as if he were a complete alien. Except he looked hot. And sexy. No, really. He's auburn hair, he's emerald green eyes... I stopped daydreaming immediately and smiled sassily back at him. "I'm Sophie. Let's go to the library. There are tons of books there on what we can do for our science project." As we walked, I tried to sway my hips from side to side, and trying to let Jake know I have curves from my actions. He didn't really seem to notice. I don't really think he is interested in me, but boy, am I interested in HIM! By midday, an awful thought occurred to me. It's official-I definitely want Jake to be my boyfriend. The problem is, I'm already dating someone- Brandon! What will I do now?! My feelings are only growing now for Jake and well...
  3. We are doing Jake's part of the story now. Jake, as mentioned, has auburn hair, emerald-green eyes. JAKE: I should be focusing on my homework. But I'm not. I'm really thinking about that girl, my science partner, Sophie. She seemed really pretty but a little pushy. Oh God, it's OBVIOUS she's interested in me. And that other girl, Kaylin whom I bumped into at the park this morning. She hadn't phoned me since, she looks pretty cute and nice but it's obviously nothing since she hasn't called me. Sophie is definitely a different story. I pulled out my cell phone from my schoolbag and punched in Sophie's number. She picked it up. "Hello? Sophie speaking." she purred into the phone like a cat. "Hey, Sophie. It's me, Jake." I said casually. There was a brief pause until Sophie fluttered up. "Oh, hey Jake! What's up? Wanna come over to my place?" she purrs right back. She reminds me of a pretty cat. I shake myself back into reality. "Sure. I can lay my mind off the homework for a while!" I answered. "Sure, see you at eight." said Sophie sweetly, then hung off breezily. I breathed out a sigh of relief. Seemed like Sophie was being extremely flirty. I packed up my bags and left the house to Sophie's.
  4. Sophie's part of the story! SOPHIE: The doorbell rang, and I'm wearing my favorite hot pink mini-skirt and purple spaghetti-strap top with my hair out. Jake arrives and I give him a sassy, kitty-cat smile at him. "You came," I said in my naughty-naughty voice. "Yeah, I did." Jake seemed completely unruffled. Couldn't he tell that I was flirting? I led him to my bedroom. Suddenly, my phone started ringing. "Probably my mum," I groaned as I picked up my phone. "She's busy late working today." Jake stood a few meters away so I can speak with my mom on the phone. Wrong. Completely wrong. It's Brandon-my supposedly-to-be boyfriend! "Hey, babe..." Brandon's cunning voice drilled over the phone. I gulped and glanced at Jake. "Excuse me one second," I smiled at Jake and went outside to speak with Brandon. "Yes, baby? What's wrong? This isn't really the best time to be calling! I have a da-I mean, homework." I said rapidly. I didn't want Brandon to know that I am cheating on him...well...not exactly "cheating" as I am not really officially Jake's boyfriend. "I'm just thinking if we could go to the movies together at ten. Pay's on me." Brandon suggested. I accepted and hung up. I went back inside the house, finding Jake there. I smiled and sashayed toward him and put my arms around him. "That was my boyfr-I mean, my mother. Ugh, she's worrying about me. Ha ha." I smirked. Jake smiled with that tint in his eyes. "Right. I know about mothers. They can get annoying." he said. Finally, we went upstairs and decided to listen to some music and have good laughs. Finally, I got fed up of ALL of it. Jake was so hot, it was not possible for any girl to NOT be with him. We were both sitting on the bed, facing each other. I smirked at him and kissed him tenderly on the lips. As we broke, Jake looked surprised. Again and again we started kissing. Then Brandon came up to my mind. My boyfriend. How would he feel when I'm now officially cheating on him?
  5. Kaylin's part of the story: KAYLIN: I called Jake. Yes, I did. That guy I bumped into at the park. I just found out on Facebook that he went to a different school as me, he's in a public whereas I'm in a private school. It seems horrendous, when I really, really want to be dating him. "Hello?" a FEMALE voice rose up in the phone. I was confused. I was SO sure I dialed in Jake's number. "Um, hi. I'm Kaylin. Is Jake there?" I asked. The female voice was probably Jake's mother. "Jake's mum? No, she's not here. What do you want?" the female voice shot back at me. I told her I wanted to speak to Jake about having dinner together next Friday night. I clasped my hands over my mouth as I said it. Oh no! What have I done? This was completely embarrassing! There was a huge silence, you'd have to be able to cut the tension of silence with an axe. Suddenly, the catty female voice trilled up again. "LISTEN, old gal pal, but Jake's MINE. I don't know whoever you are, Kaylin. But my name is Sophie, I'M officially dating Jake whether YOU like it or not. He doesn't want to go in a dinner date with you. Now go away!" then she hung up like there was no tomorrow. I gasped and a tear rolled down my cheek. How could've I been SO stupid?! Jake had a girlfriend, a girlfriend named Sophie. I feel like I'm a complete idiot.
  6. Jake's part of the story now. JAKE: I can't believe that I have a girlfriend. My mother always warned me about having girlfriends. But Sophie seemed so carefree and cool which I can silently relate to. Although, every now and then, I keep thinking about that girl I bumped into in the park. Kaylin, yes, that was what her name was. Kaylin, Kaylin, Kaylin. She hadn't called me since! She seemed very attractive, like, love in first sight, but she hadn't called me yet. I'm very puzzled and confused about Kaylin. But I'm trying to shrug her off. I have a girlfriend now: Sophie. She seemed cool enough to be around with to have as a girlfriend but I just can't get Kaylin off my mind.
  7. Jake's part of the story: JAKE: "Jake! You have to come up here and clean your room! It's a mess!" shouted my mum from upstairs. I sighed, put down the book I was reading and came upstairs to clean my room. As I did, I found a hot pink cell phone. That's strange, I thought. No one in my house owns a hot pink cell phone! I flipped it open, seeing who it was and saw that it was Sophie's. I decided to close it and bring it back to her in school tomorrow. But instead, I was greeted with a message on the screen that said: From: Brandon. my fingers slipped and the text message opened. Every single word I read, my eyes widened. It was unbelievable! Sophie has already has a BOYFRIEND, yet she told me that she'd loved me, kissed me, definitely had a relationship with me, but suddenly I find out that she is cheating on me?! This is definitely unbelievable. Trying not to look at anymore text messages Sophie and Brandon have been sending to each other, I solemnly closed her cell phone and chucked it across my room. I felt hot tears sprang up my eyes. It isn't normal for a guy to cry, but it's very heartbreaking, finding out Sophie's lies. I continued to clean up my room and decided to try and discuss it tomorrow with Sophie at school.
  8. The story will be continued maybe in the next few weeks or so :) I'll give you a hint, Kaylin returns, Jake does and Sophie only returns for revenge once she finds out that Kaylin and Jake are dating (it will happen in Part II.) That's all I'll say now lol.
  9. Rate?
  11. Hope you enjoyed it! :) Stay tuned for Part II. I'm no pro at writing stories, I'm still learning, so just give constructed critisim...
  12. Bye :O

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