Which Coldplay Album Are You?

Since the release of Parachutes in 2000 Coldplay have made 3 other incredible albums, a rush of blood to the head, x and y, and viva la vida, each with its own very distinct personality.

SO which one are YOU??? Are you the mellow parachutes, the grand AROBTTH, the spacey XANDY, the rebellious Viva la vida? Take this quiz to find out. You know you want to!

Created by: TheCaptain
  1. Vacation...
  2. Religion
  3. Random lyrics part 1.
  4. Good ideas for a picture is.
  5. Random lyrics part 2.
  6. An album is...
  7. Random lyrics part 3.
  8. Guitars should be.
  9. Final random lyrics.
  10. Weird question here: which of these houses would you prefer to live in.

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Quiz topic: Which Coldplay Album am I?