What Coldplay album are you?

Coldplay is an English alternative/indie rock band that formed in the year 2000. They began with their release Parachutes and gained world-wide fame soon after.

Ten years later, they are still at major success, and are working on their fifth follow-up album in a small church in England. They have touched the hearts of millions world-wide with their emotional music.

Created by: lol
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is your favorite color out of these four?
  2. Where are you on a weekend?
  3. Which of these B-side singles are your favorite by Coldplay? If you don't know any, just choose one that sounds appealing to you.
  4. Which of these singles are your favorite by Coldplay?
  5. Who is your favorite member in Coldplay?
  6. What is your favorite instrument to play out of these, or which one is just simply your favorite?
  7. Pick a number! Yes, this has an effect.
  8. HONESTLY, which song has the coolest name?
  9. Which country is the coolest?
  10. Pick another number!...yes this also counts

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Quiz topic: What Coldplay album am I?