Which Broken Hearts Mending admin are you

Broken Hearts Mending has been a small band on instagram for over three years. They were not successful with album production but some work was done .

Unfortunately BHM announced a breakup on Instagram noting that the band is canceled. It's possible they'll return but if not this quiz is to honor it.

Created by: Michael

  1. So you like music?
  2. Pick a combination.
  3. If you're feeling down in dark times what would you do?
  4. Choose a classic band you'd like to spend a day with.
  5. Now choose a Emo/Punk band you'd want to spend a day with.
  6. Select a color
  7. What sounds beneficial?
  8. Pick a Animal.
  9. What quote do you feel is touching?
  10. Lastly which BHM admin was your favorite? (Each of these options are raised to six for one result)

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