Which Kingdom Hearts Unlimited Character are you?

I'm a big Kingdom Hearts fan, and I've been role-playing with Kingdom Hearts characters for probably three years, now. I took six of the most used characters for my role-play and put them into this quiz. Those characters are CJ, the random 14 year-old, Yugo, the genius 14 year-old, Nick, the quite 16 year-old... I think, Tyson, the big-headed 13 year-old, and of course Sora and Riku.

Please note that Sora and Riku's personalities are not the same from the ones you know in Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II. Come to think of it... everyone in my role-play's personality changes a lot. Because of this, I can't really make this quiz too accurate.

Created by: NostalgiaX
  1. You have to paint your room a different color. What do you paint it?
  2. It's a hot summer day. You're walking miles to visit a sick friend. A stranger walks up to you and offers you a glass of water.
  3. When you're alone, you're most likely to...
  4. The world is going to end in the next five minutes. What do you do as your final act?
  5. It's prom night. You have a hot date. They start to play a good song.
  6. What would you rather do for a living?
  7. You're bored. You're most likely to...
  8. One of your friends is about to die...
  9. You're at a fork in the road. A sign reads "Left - Paradise, Right - cliff" You look ahead and see that most of your friends have taken the road to paradise, but your best friend has taken the road to the cliff. Which path do you take?
  10. Your hair is...
  11. Your ideal vacation spot is...
  12. Your ideal house is...
  13. You see someone on the ground, injured. What do you do?

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Quiz topic: Which Kingdom Hearts Unlimited Character am I?