Which Kingdom Hearts character are you?

Why Hello fellow Kingdom Hearts fan that's trying to look for a Kingdom Hearts quiz on this website. If your not trying to do that, then I look pretty stupid.

But anyway, welcome to the first (auto correct: not first I'm so stupid) Which Kingdom Hearts character are you quiz! This is the first (again a dimwit) Kingdom Hearts character quiz!

Created by: Coconut Lava
  1. How are you doing today?
  2. Master Xehanort 's here! What do you say?
  3. Am I cool?
  4. Who do you think your gonna get?
  5. Ok, last question. Which is your favorite Kingdom Hearts game?
  6. Ok, so I need 10 questions. So the rest will be random.
  7. Fvnffhffvhdbgdgfcgdbgdhfdrdfnhfggtyhjkkjtjhgcswxzv
  8. F**k you
  9. Hi!
  10. Yo quiztaker! What's that on the road!? PICK IT UP!!
  11. Good quiztaker! Keeping the world clean! C'mon I'll buy you an ice cream!

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Quiz topic: Which Kingdom Hearts character am I?