which aura kingdom class are you

Have you ever wondered who you would be in the game Aura kingdom. there are many possibilities. there are ten different characters you could be.

I know that there are eleven different characters in aura kingdom but gotoquiz.com would only let me do ten, but even though there is one possibility missing at least there is now a quiz on here about aura kingdom.

Created by: dukeomega01
  1. what is your weapon of choice
  2. how strong are you?
  3. which combat do you prefer.
  4. how fast are you.
  5. how athletic are you.
  6. would you wear armor.
  7. if yes how much armor do you wear if no just click on the last answer.
  8. do you like tall or short weapons
  9. how did you like this quiz
  10. are you ready to see who you are

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Quiz topic: Which aura kingdom class am I