with kingdom hearts chariter our u

this only has four kingdom heats people I really didn't know how to do the others im sorry if you wanted more. if you love kingdom hearts go on and see how you do.

have fun taking my quiz my English is bad so I might have spelled some things wrong. I will say sorry about that ........ so hope you have fun if not that's ok

Created by: cheyenne
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what is your fav. food ?
  2. whats you fav. color?
  3. whats you fav. weapon ?
  4. do you like to swim?
  5. do you like wearing big shoes ?
  6. do you care that this only has 4 people ?
  7. have you played all the games ?
  8. do you like any one of the kingdom hearts people then another one ? (out of these 4)
  9. how do you like the quiz so far ?
  10. what do u like to do ?
  11. if you were to lose your heart for your friends would you do it ?
  12. if you had to chose darkness to save your friend would you ?
  13. do you care that English is hard for me to speck? ( doesn't eff. anything couldn't came up with a question sorry)

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