Which Kingdom Hearts character are you? Lets see

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Do you want to know who your more like in Kingdom Hearts? Will you love your result? Of course!! This is the 2nd quiz I have made. I hope you'll like your result and all! It took me forever just to find all the pics!!

This is an amazing quiz, well, a spaz made this... It was fun making this. I made this for the people who love taking quizzes. I like taking quizzes too, have fun :)

Created by: Sissyboo999

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. You see a pure evil man trying to harm you friend. How do you react?
  2. which weapon would you use
  3. If you could have an element, what would it be
  4. Who is your favorite character out of these guys?
  5. Which Keyblade would you wield
  6. What is your favorite keyblade?
  7. What's your favorite world out of these?
  8. What is your favorite quote?
  9. What's your favorite color?
  10. This is the very last question, you like dislike, or somethin

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Quiz topic: Which Kingdom Hearts character am I? Lets see