How Well Do You Know The Old Kingdom Series by Garth Nix?

The old Kingdom and the river of death are complicated places, do you know enough about the Old Kingdom series (sometimes known as The Abhorsen Trilogy) to call yourself a true denizen of the Old Kingdom? Test your necromantic know-how on this quiz.

Think you know the stories of Sabriel, Lirael, Mogget, Sam and the other character's in Garth Nix's amazing series like the back of your hand? Can you tell your dead hand from your Mordicant? Distinguish Ranna from Saraneth? Lets find out. (Apologies for any mistakes or spelling errors, let me know if you spot any)

Created by: mistiness

  1. How many precincts are there in death?
  2. Complete the quote: "For everyone and everything ...."
  3. There are 7 necromantic bells
  4. What colour field does the wall maker's symbol, the trowel, appear against?
  5. What does the Disreputable Dog say 'Nehima' means?
  6. What does Sabriel use to call her Mother Sending?
  7. What did Lirael intend to create when she summoned the Disreputable Dog?
  8. Why is Sam unhappy with being the Abhorsen-in-Waiting?
  9. What 2 symbols appear on the surcoat Lirael is given at Abhorsen's House?
  10. What does Nick, under the influence of the destroyer, believe Hedge's dead hands are?
  11. What does Sabriel learn from the small girl in Nestowe?
  12. Belgaer is...
  13. Orannis was buried beneath 7 wards, silver, gold, lead, rowan, ash, oak and ....
  14. Mogget (Yrael), is bound using what magical artefacts?
  15. What is the title of the book Lirael discovers with the dark mirror and the panpipes.
  16. Ellimere represents wich bright shiner at the end of Abhorsen?
  17. What lie does Lirael tell to stave off Sam's advances?
  18. Why does Sabriel have to bind Mogget and Kerrigor with Ranna instead of Saraneth?
  19. How is Hedge defeated?
  20. What is the iconic quote on the final page of The Book of the Dead

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