How good of a medievel king are you?

Congratulations on completing the quiz!!! I hope you are happy with your answers and have fun with what you got. Remember always rule a just kingdom with an iron fist and a heavy great grasp on your kingdom.

remember none of this is real and the results are fake. It was just something i made up in my spare time cause i had nothing else to do with my pathetic life.

Created by: Jonathan

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  1. When you are king/queen how many children will you have?
  2. You are leading your men. Where would you be in your mob of soldiers?
  3. A peasant is confronting you. He asks for you to lower the taxes because they are to harsh on the needy who can't farm enough to pay them. What do you do?
  4. You are meeting with the king of a border country that you have been wanting to ally with. What will you propose to them to convince them to?
  5. A assassin slips into your room well you are sitting at your desk deciding plans. What do you do?
  6. An angry mob is marching down the street towards your keep. How will you deal with them?
  7. your on your usually wall patrol and talking to the soldiers. Then some one yells "Surprise attack!" an enemy has snuck past your eyes and is now attacking the village with you unprepared, what do you do!?
  8. What do you think of the battlefield in its aftermath?
  9. Are you a drunkard?
  10. One of your sons (Prince's) was a spy from an enemy country. What will you do?
  11. How smart are you.
  12. What weapon would you prefer on the battlefield?
  13. How do you rule?
  14. Which of the below answers this question: What animal goes in stables?
  15. How many quests would you and your companions do monthly/yearly?

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Quiz topic: How good of a medievel king am I?