kingdom hearts

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Do you no kingdom hearts? Well answer these questions, without knowing what game/book it's in. because some are not the same. Some might be the same.

Take this quiz, if you no alot about kingdom hearts already. well see if you pass. if you do, you have receive the quiz keyblade. Like how Sora gets keyblades from passing stages in games.

Created by: Swaggy
  1. Who is the main person?
  2. Who does Sora meet?
  3. What is the last part of the name Organization?
  4. What did Jimmy do?
  5. Where does Sora start his adventure?
  6. Where did Sora go to save Riku?
  7. When did Sora's adventures really stop?
  8. When do you get to play Riku?
  9. When Sora get the keyblade, what happens?
  10. How does Sora enters the database?
  11. How old is Sora?
  12. Last question: Does Sora have a older look?

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