What Color is your Aura?

This quiz will tell you a little bit about you and who you are. Let me know if your aura matches your favorite color! You probably won't belong to one specific type. There are many different elements to everyone's personalities.

You aura doesn't define you. This quiz may not be one hundred percent accurate. There are also things about you that this quiz might not even touch on. People are not simple creatures.

Created by: Lucy
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  1. I am always smiling.
  2. Activities such as skydiving, being an astronaut, or performing in front of the crowd appeal to me. I am a goal setter and a go-getter. I don't want to live a normal life. I want to do fun, important things.
  3. I have a lot going through my head, but I am very quiet. I don't like lots of attention.
  4. I don't get stressed out easily. I am very relaxed and laidback.
  5. I love to learn new things if I get to pick what I learn about.
  6. I love nature. I often question the mysteries of nature and the universe. I always have to satisfy my curiosity.
  7. I love to read and write stories.
  8. I am often in my own world.
  9. I am unconventional and nontraditional. I'm always looking for new ways to do things and new ideas. I love being creative.
  10. I hate being alone.
  11. I am very outgoing and talkative. I'm also very funny and I love to have fun.
  12. I can usually anticipate the needs of others. I always put others before myself.
  13. I never give up. I am very determined.
  14. I have a strong work ethic.
  15. I am very brave. (that means you do things even though you're afraid, it doesn't mean you're fearless)
  16. I don't really care about anything.
  17. I will get what I want, and I don't care who it hurts.

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Quiz topic: What Color is my Aura?