What color is your aura?

Some people say they believe that there is a color around your body that disects how you feel. I just put a quiz out there for you too see what aura is yours.

There are many colors for you to get and for you to learn a quality you never had. I'm intrested in what people get, because i do believe that you do have an aura that people can see.

Created by: mcr111
  1. Do you like nature?
  2. Do you make goals?
  3. Do you have a positive outlook on life?
  4. The DREADED QUESTION!! What is your fav. color?
  5. Do you tend to over obsessive about things that you have no control over?
  6. What season do you like more?
  7. What do you prefer to have in your house: Animals or plants?
  8. Do you snap under pressure?
  9. If you found $120 in someones wallet and it had a ID of the person would you give it back the wallet or keep the money?
  10. Do you fear drowing or being sufforcated?
  11. DO you like to run?

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Quiz topic: What color is my aura?