not your average love story part 3

so, this is my 3rd part of not your average love story. hope you guys like it.. frankly speaking, i hope you guys love it. i know i'm not a good writer. but, i'm ready for suggestions on improvising my story.

well.. i just want to say.. i love firey_soul, natuhleegayle, and dannica.. their stories are amazing and it inspires me to write, so i could be as good as them.. nothing is impossible, right?..

Created by: aina_msia

  1. hye there.. thank you for taking not your average love story part 3.. for those of you who still haven't took part 1 and part 2.. please take them.. ^^
  2. recap: you take a sit next to a large oak tree.. then.. you heard.. SOMETHING..remember??
  3. well.. when you heard the sound .. you are scared out of your wits.. you take a broken tree branch which is next to you (just in case it is a wild bear or something), and hold them close.. then.. it come out of its hiding place!!
  4. then.. "HAE MIN!" you yell at the figure. it was actually your classmate, Kim Hae Min.. your reaction?
  5. "sorry, didnt mean to scare you off like that. i was just wandering off when i saw you running into this place." he said. "are you alright?' you answered..
  6. just say you answered.. no 2. when you answer to his questions like that, he seems hurt and he wanted to go elsewhere.. leaving you alone. you felt guilty because he was being nice to you throughout school, and he seems to be the only "friend" you have. you dont want to make enemies on your very first day in school. so you took his hands and said "sorry, i didnt mean to treat you like that. its just .. everything here is so new for me." he replied by saying, "well, i understand you seems i'm also new here. i thought that we could be good friends as we are both from overseas. but, it looks like that you are not fond of my presence. so, i dont want to interrupt you or hurt you in any way." you told him to take a seat next to you, and so, he did. then, miraculously, you cried in front of him. (you never cried in front of any boys,not even your dad). he was shocked, but he hugs you as you lay your head on his chest. he said, 'are you crying because of something i had done to you? you know that you could always speak your mind out to me. i would always be here to listen to you." when you heard that, you cried even more.. and you told him everything that had been happening to you.
  7. he placed his fingers on your face, and wiped your tears. . "dont you want to go to class? i dont want you to get in trouble because of me." you said, worried that the disciplinary board will take actions as you guys could be considered as playing truant. he laughed and said " well, somethings are more important to be attended to than studying in class. besides, once in a while, it is fun to play rebellious against the school's law." you giggled and sunk your head on his chest. he holds your lustrous jet black hair and kissed your forehead. you smiled.
  8. then, he gestured you to stand up.. he took your hands and make you walk with him deeper into the woods. "where are we going?" "you'll see. it's a surprise." you were a bit hesitant as you dont want to be more lost. however, you place your trust on him and followed him..
  9. then.. you saw it...
  10. YES YOU SAW IT ALRIGHT.. CLIFFHANGER! like my story?
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Quiz topic: Not my average love story part 3