Cirque du Freak Love Story part 1

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Hello and welcome to part one of... Cirque du Freak Love Story. You are the main charcter. I hope you liked this part. It took some work,but i finally got it done!

Thanks for taking the first part of my cirque du freak love story. I hope you liked it. Please comment, rate and share. Thanks to skyler potter,sage parson, and lonewolf for their character submissions. Part two will be out soon.

Created by: ILuvHolister
  1. Okay, so heres the thing. Your a regular teenage girl. Then your life changes forever. (in this part you will learn how you became part of the cirque du freak)
  2. Narrator POV: The alarm rings and you get up with a start. You glance at the clock and then try to close your eyes and go back to sleep. "________ _________, get up! You will be late for school!" Screeched your mom from downstairs. You gave a huge sigh and got up. You went downstairs and had breakfast. Your little brother Tommy was already eating at the table. He was 13 and you were 15. Although, many people thought it was a hassle to have an older brother you thought it was pretty nice to have some company. "Hello sis." Said Tommy looking up from his choclate pancakes. "Ah, I see you finally woke up." Said your dad looking down from his newspaper. You sat down and ate a quick breakfast. Little did you know that one desicion would change your life forever.
  3. Your POV: "Bye mom, dad, Tommy." I yelled as I walked to the bus. "Mornin' Mr. James." I said to the bus driver as I got on. He didn't reply. "Take a seat." He said gruffly and pointed to the only empty seat left. One next to a guy I had never seen before. The bus filled up with whispers, ohhs and ahhs and I could feel every eye on the bus watching my every move. I made good use of the situation, I shrugged gave a small wave and sat down. Tomorrow I would wake up early for sure."Hi, my name is _________ ___________. Whats yours?" I asked the guy next to me on the seat. "Eli." He replied finally. He looked a bit, odd in comparison to everyone. I mean it was the middle of May and he was wearing jeans, a t shirt, a leather jacket, and some hightop shoes. I found him a bit attractive, his features were great, but I also found him mysterious which also intrigued me. I wanted an adventure.
  4. We got to school. I turned to say goodbye to Eli, but he had already left. "Strange, I was the one sitting on the aisle way. How did he move without me noticing?" I noticed the window was open,but shrugged of the thought. "Jump out a window?" No way! I got off the bus and went to my locker. I looked once again at the clock and said to myself "Shizz, I'm gonna be late for first hour." I took my books that I needed for first hour and closed the locker. I saw a note..... Dear ______ ________, from what I heard it seems you seek adventure. I am here to offer it to you. For twenty dollars you can get tickets to the best show ever. The cirque du freak. Meet me in the courtyard now for details. You can bring one friend. If you feel scared of me. Pateiently Waiting, Eli
  5. Narrator POV: You felt a tap on your back. The wind was literally knocked out of you. You turned around excpecting Eli, but instead you saw your boyfriend Mark. "Hey,______. There is something I have to tell you. I think things aren't working out soo I'm breaking up with you." He said. You don't know why,but you didn't feel hurt. "Alright then. Bye Mark." You said. Just then your two best friends walked up to you. Eliza Morris and Alana Richards. Eliza had light brown hair and brown eyes and was good at sports. Alana was her polar opposite she had blond hair and blue eyes and was super into flashy trends. (Thanks to sage parson and skyler potter for their submissions!)
  6. You thought back to the note Eli had written. Who to take? Nobody. If you took Alana then Eliza would be angry,but if you took Eliza then Alana would be angry. So you decided you would have to sneak away by yourself. "Come on, ______. We'll be late for class." Said Eliza. "You both go ahead. I'm not feeling too well." You said and it was true you felt like throwing up. "Do you want us to go with you?" Said Alana. "No thanks." You reply. The bell rings and Alana and Eliza leave there seperate ways. You clutched the twenty dollars in your hand and waited in the courtyard. "Skipping Class?" Said a voice from behind you. You turned around to see your school's number one badboy,Eric. You didn't have a chance to reply because Eli showed up. Eli glared at Eric, they glared at each other a little more and then Eric left, with his tail between his legs, figuratively speaking.
  7. You turned to Eli. "You came? You came!" He said really happily. "Yup. Here is the twenty. You were right, i need an adventure." You said to him. "Are you afraid of me?" He asked. "No." You replied. He really didnt strike you as someone you should fear anyway. He seemed ten times happier. "Ok so the cirque will be preforming tonight at (name of place). Here is your ticket. Any questions?" He said. "Yeah, why did you ask if I was afraid of you?" You aksed. "No real reason." He replied. "Will you be there?" You ask. "Yeah, i will be." He said. You heard a twig crack. "shh." Said Eli grabbing you quickly. He held you really close to him and you had to admit, for a teenage dude he smelled pretty good.When the threat had passed he loosened his grip,but didn't let go. You could feel his heartbeat quicken. You waited a little longer then said in a whisper.. "Is he/she gone?" Eli looked at you and then said. "Yeah." He then slowly let go. "Nice seeing you Eli. Thanks for the adventure and for helping me." You said to him. "It was nothing. And it was a pleasure meeting you,_____." Said Eli. You felt yourself blush slightly. "Bye."
  8. You went to class. And took your seat next to Eliza and Alana. The rest of the day was uneventful. You looked at the clock about a hundred times. You fi nally got out of school. Said goodbye to Eliza and Alana. And walked on. You ran into someone. It was none other then Eli. "Eli." You said hugging him. "Hi,_______." He said hugging back. "Who is that?" Said a voice behind you. You recognized it immediately, Mark. "This is Eli. Eli this is Mark." You said. "Her boyfriend." Mark added falsely. Eli's face saddened. "My ex boyfriend. In case you forgot you broke up with me this morning, and I don't want to be your girlfriend anymore." You said. "Fine. I see, you've moved on already you little sl**." Said Mark. You don't know why,but you were excpecting that respone. Eli punched him. You saw blood lots of it. You didn' care. You gave a small smile to Eli and threw Mark a tissue. "Thanks Eli. You didn't have to." You said. "Your not angry? I mean I really hurt him. You sure you don't hate me?" Said Eli. "No, never. I mean it when I say it. Thanks Eli, I really appreciate you punching him." You said. "He deserved it. Breaking up with such a wonderful person like you and then calling you a sl**." said Eli. "I guess. So what is the cirque like?" You said. "Like bothing you've ever seen before. I'll leave it at that." Said Eli. "Okay." You replied. You both kept walking until you reached (name of place), your parents would be fine if you came home late. They excpected it. So you were totally okay to go see the cirque.
  9. "I have to go now." Said Eli. "Okay, bye." You said giving him a hug. You let go and wave goodbye. You open the door. It is really dark and cold inside. You feel along the wall and manage to see a light in the ditance. "Ticket." Says a voice. It was a hooded figure. You handed it the ticket. It took it quickly and moved aside letting you through.
  10. "Welcome to the Cirque du freak." Boomed a voice. "I own this show, my name is Mr.Tall." the voice continued. You finally saw the source of the noise, a regular room. "The cirque du freak is not for the faint hearted. If you listen to what we tell you to do you will survive. Firstly we have Eli with our first act. He was moving really fast, like a blur. Then he took a steel bar and broke it in half. When he finished his act... He turned to you and mouthed the words.. Hi! ____, not bad huh? You smiled and waved. He smiled, mr. Tall had to push him off the stage. There were many other acts, but one stood out to you the most.... It was the performance of a guy named Trey. (lonewolf thanks for the submission) He looked your age with light brown hair and eyes. He was there and then he was gone. No not gone. Changed. He was a shapeshifter. (yeah not like the original cirque du freak, but oh well) From a tiger to a snake and then back to a human. He had a sort of expressionless face. One that didn't show very much emotion at all. During the course of the show you saw many people get up and leave. You only felt more intrigued, not scared, only intrigued.
  11. When the show ended you got up and sneaked backstage. You were looking for Eli,but instead saw Trey. He glanced at your direction. "Why are you back here?" He asked, his voice like silk. He had to repeat himself. "I was.. um... Looking for..." You tried to say,but Thankfully Eli showed up. "She is here to see me." Said Eli. You swore you could see Eli"s eyes turn red for a moment. You ignored it. Trey shrugged and left. "That was a great performance." You said. Eli blushed." Well, it was ten times better because you were sitting in the audience." He said. Now it was your turn to blush. "How did you do that?" You asked. "Its a secret." Said Eli putting his finger to his lips. "I've been with the cirque for.. a while now. Its like my home and the preformers are my family." Said Eli . "What about your real family? friends? Acquaintances?" You asked him. Eli bit his lip and said..."Dead. All of them." A single tear fell down his cheek. "Wow. That must be tough." You said giving him a hug. "It was." He said. You were both silent for a while.. "Do you want to see the person who taught me everything I know?" He said. "Yeah." You replied. He took you by the hand and yelled.. "Darren." A guy appeared. He looked a bit aged,but still striking. "Hello,______ _________. I'm darren shan. I've been waiting for this day for a while." He said. You glanced at Eli. He gave your hand a reasurring squeeze. "You see. I need an assistant. Eli gets a bit lonely, he started from a young age. Not many friends. Reminds me a bit of me. I started this tricky business young too. I saw your reaction to the show. It was not the usual response. You were calm throughout." Said Darren Shan. "Yes. The show was quite intriguing. I hope you find your assiatant soon." You say. "Oh yes. I have someone in mind. I just have to wait and see how they are." Said Darren. "Come on, ______." Said Eli. "Lets get you home."
  12. Cliffhanger! Trey or Eli?

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