Are you a Cirque Du Freak Fan?

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There are many who claim to know Cirque Du Freak but few know the small details of the series. This quiz is designed to test your knowledge a bit farther than most.

Are you a Cirque Du Freak fan? Do you think you know them as well as I do? Go on nd take this test to find out! Even in Death may you be triumphith!

Created by: ez24get
  1. Who was Darren's best friend?
  2. How many human years did it take to equal a half-vampire year?
  3. What is Mr. Crepsley's first name?
  4. What was the Mr. Crepsley's spider's name?
  5. What was Gavner's position?
  6. How many official Princes were there?
  7. Who was Harkart in another life?
  8. What present did Darren give to Mr. Crepsley?
  9. Who was the Lord of the Shadows?
  10. Who was Darren's girlfriend?
  11. How many kids did Evra Von have?
  12. What's your favorite color? MWHAHAHAHA!!
  13. Who was Mr. Creosley's mentor?
  14. Who ran the Cirque Du Freak?
  15. Who was Steve's right hand man?
  16. Do you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Cirque Du Freak Fan?