are you a theater freak

There are many theater lovers, but not many freaks.Being a freak can be a lot of fun. You get to break into song and dance for no particular reason.What is a theater freak? Not a lover, or liker, or you go straight into obsession.

are you a freak? Do you have the obsession of theater? Do you think you have the dedication to be a freak?Thanks to my quiz, you will find out. that's right, you can find out for the low low low price of $39.95. but if you act now it's free.

Created by: brandon
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  1. How many musicals have you been in in the last year(365 days)
  2. how many plays(including musicals) have you been in in your entire lifetime
  3. WHICH WOULD YOU take to a desert island if you could only take one
  4. how many(out of 10) people would say you are a theater freak?
  5. how many times have you seen "rent"?
  6. if someone insulted you or the theater, what would you say/do?
  7. if you had to choose being famous actor/singer for one day or having a million dollars which would u choose
  8. rent(in case you aked what rent is on question 7)is the greatest musical ever. if you like rent, you are probably a theater freak. If you like rent, fill in the blanks. you are the one i choose. folks would kill to fill your shoes. you'll love the ______
  9. how many play excerpts or songs do you have on your mp3
  10. if you spent time in an isolation chamber with someone who hates plays would you
  11. if you made a list of everyone you know well from a theater where you act, there be
  12. how often do you randomnly break into song and or dance a day?

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