Dream Theater Trivia

There are lots of silly Dream Theater quizzes out there, but most of them are really easy. Those are usually pretty boring. Its much more fun when the questions are actually hard.

This is an attempt at some questions that are a bit more obscure. I'm sure you could find the answers by searching around online, but that's lame. Don't be "that guy". Just take your best guess.

Created by: Chris

  1. In what year did Jordan Rudess play his first show with Dream Theater?
  2. Which of the following DT songs has never been performed live by Dream Theater?
  3. Which of the following names has never been used by Dream Theater to identify themselves?
  4. Which of the following bands has James LaBrie never done vocals for?
  5. Which of the following songs was never released by Dream Theater as a promo single?
  6. How many times has Dream Theater played the song "Disappear" live?
  7. What was the originally intended title for the song "The Great Debate"?
  8. Which of the following bands has former DT singer Charlie Dominici NEVER been a part of?
  9. Which Dream Theater member shares his first name with his father?
  10. Which of the following artists has Jordan Rudess never recorded with?
  11. Mike Portnoy's dog, Bongo, can be heard on a demo of which DT song?
  12. What is Jordan's middle name?
  13. What is the only Dream Theater song that has been performed live with two completely unrelated sets of lyrics, written by two separate band members?
  14. What was the subtitle of "Surrounded" given on early promo versions of Images & Words
  15. What Systematic Chaos song used the working title "The Pumpkin King"
  16. Which of the following bands has never opened for Dream Theater?
  17. What was the name of the only official international Dream Theater fan club?
  18. According to Derek Sherinian, why was James LaBrie not available to record the intro and outro messages on the 1996 Dream Theater fan club CD
  19. Which Dream Theater release once included a mail-away coupon making the purchaser eligible for a bonus disc containing an exclusive Dream Theater track?
  20. Which of the following bands does NOT appear on the "Voices" tribute album to Dream Theater?

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