Plymouth Meeting Mall Trivia

Funny you should mention eating at Woolworth's restaurant with your grandma, as I was remembering the place as exactly the kind of place you'd go with grandparents for lunch. The Harvest House, if I remember the name correctly, was essentially a diner (in an era long before the gourmet sensibility infiltrated the suburbs). The above mentioned Plymouth Grille, which was a square lunch counter, was I believe right outside Woolworth's in the mall itself.

Wow - the theater I had nearly forgotten about that! I spent my formative years in the 80's in that mall...ah the memories. I actually went to SEE movies in that theater but I can't remember what I saw exactly. And if you're recalling cool 70's / 80's memories, then you certainly have to mention the giant 2-story Woolworth, replete with its own escalators that was there! The restaurt it had off to the side with the cool 70's diner-esque booths and a sandwich bar with booths! AND one of those chilled glass refrigerators that the desserts revolved in. For whatever reason I remember thinking those spinning desserts were so cool as a kid. I think I only ate there twice with my grandma but it made an impression. It wasn't always Boscov's at the end but I can't recall what it was. Anyways, thanks for the happy trip down memory lane... ~Conshy Girl

Created by: Mall Rat Mikey
  1. In the 80s, there was a Restaurant that served Steak dishes. Name it.
  2. They Served hot dogs, burgers and foutnain drinks at:
  3. The plymouth meeting pet store was called
  4. Cinema I & II was located where what exists today?
  5. Woolworths was how many stories?
  6. The restaurant mext to Woolworths was called?
  7. The Record Store next to GAP was
  8. The Pretzel Stand was called
  9. Before Kings Chinese Buffet, what business existed in that same location?
  10. This place sold Electric Pianos and Organs. Right next to the food courts
  11. Before Electronic bOutique, it was called
  12. BEfore Boscovs, it was
  13. Pants Place was on the first floor, next too

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