spiderman trivia password is venom1

there are a small amount of people who will be joining me on may 4th to the movie theater during school hours to see the movie spiderman 3. i wish yo best of luck and hope to see you at the movie theater.

if you would like to join me then you must pass this quiz and if you dont then you have to study super hero history until i let you come to the movies.

Created by: Ultra Elite
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  1. who was spidermans first masked villain?
  2. how did green goblin die in spiderman 1?
  3. what was spidermans first name?
  4. in the civil war comics spiderman gets a new costume what powers does he not obtain with this costume.
  5. in spiderman 2 how does the villain die?
  6. in the civil war comic who was shot by mistake who was very close to spiderman?
  7. why does spiderman fight criminals
  8. how does spiderman die in the spiderman reign comics?
  9. whats spidermans biggest regret?
  10. ****BONUS**** which of the following was never a human?

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