How spiderman are you?

Ever wonder how sipderman you are? well here it is the ultimate quiz so you how much of a spiderman you are! right! All of this from the comodity of your home

How spidernman are you? was designed by scientist wondering how spiderman people where and after yeas of research we have come up with this amazing quiz, all of this so you can know how much of a spiderman fan you are. Just take the dang quiz all right!

Created by: hellmaggot
  1. Do you go to the spiderman movie premieres?
  2. how many times do you go and see the movie at the movie theater?
  3. do you own spiderman shirts?
  4. do you own spiderman toys?
  5. do you have an spiderman poster on your wall?
  6. do you know who kills classic Gwen Stacy?
  7. what is Doctor Octopus name?
  8. what is peter parker middle name?
  9. what kind of custom do you wear on halloween?
  10. How does the spider-sense manifests?
  11. what will you rather have as a gift?

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Quiz topic: How spiderman am I?