what superhero are you

many people adore super heroes (superman and spiderman) i chose the 2 most popular so you can see wich one your most like!!! so take this quiz to find out if your more like superman or spiderman

so are you strong and muscular like superman or fast and very athletic like spiderman this quiz will show you exactly wich superhero you are most like

Created by: anthony
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you work out everyday?? (pushups biceps triceps things)
  2. are you in a activity like track or field?
  3. if you had to be in track would you run or shot put\discus
  4. would you rather be able to fly or shoot spider webs to fly around?
  5. are you enjoying this quiz?
  6. are you more scared of crystals (kryptonite) or green goblins?
  7. do you like monkeys
  8. have you ever got shot??
  9. ddo you like outside activities
  10. if there was a situation of beating a bad guy or saving peoples lives which would you rather do??

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