what superhero are you

have you ever wondered what kind of superhero you are. funny, smart, brave, a leader. would i beat galactus. find ou tbelow by taking my quiz. its only thirteen questions. it is also quick and easy. hope you have fun. cap r.i.p

what hero are you. you could be any. from silver surfer - thor. who are you really. take this quiz to see if youre your favortite hero ever. thanks. please take it. then you will be the coolest guy i no so do it.

Created by: brandon zima of this site
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  1. you have ______ powers
  2. what area of the world would you protect the citizens from wrong doers
  3. you're best friend gets into a war with another aquiantance. your best friend is on the bad side. but you like your bestfriend more than your aquiantance. you join...
  4. your secret identity part of you would work as...
  5. in real life you are
  6. what is more manly
  7. how many girfriends have you had this year
  8. if you were forced to work in a group it would be
  9. you have your arch rival on the ground unconsience after a hard battle. you ...
  10. most important thing in your life is...
  11. school is ...
  12. last question, i think marvel lately has been

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