Are you most like Superman, Batman, or Spiderman?

Superman, Batman, and Spiderman are probably are most beloved superheroes of all time. Superman is the one we have loved for being courageous, Batman is the one that we have loved for being our silent guardian, and Spiderman we have loved for being our spunky hero.

Have you ever wondered if you were more like Superman, Batman or Spiderman? Well if you have then this is the quiz for you! Just answer a few simple questions and I will calculate if you are just like that one superhero you have always dreamed of being like. See you soon!

Created by: Stasia
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  1. What are you most described as in your classroom?
  2. Would you ever travel to China?
  3. If you had to be any type of celebrity then what would you be?
  4. Which career do you think would be suit you?
  5. Which ice cream flavor is your favorite?
  6. On the social ladder where would you place yourself from top being the most popular to the lowest being invisible?
  7. You just crashed your car. What are you going to do?
  8. You have just learned about auditions for the school musical.What's your reaction.
  9. Someone has just dared you to do something. What's your reaction?
  10. How many friends do you have on Facebook (Instagram, etc)?

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Quiz topic: Am I most like Superman, Batman, or Spiderman?