DT Kindergarden Quiz

This is the ultimate Dream Theater quiz for the intellectually challenged. Don't fret about actual knowledge, you don't need any, well maybe a bit, but remember kids.. Google is your friend

Take this quiz and see why Dream Theater fans all over the world have such a great sense of humour. Marvel at the complexity of the questions, be in awe of the ridiculousness of some of the answers, but above all Love Dream Theater

Created by: peter sinanan

  1. Complete the name of this US based Prog Metal Band Dream......?
  2. Which of the following is NOT a dream theater CD
  3. The combined ages of the Dream Theater members is....?
  4. The last original Dream Theater release was....
  5. Mike Portnoy has..
  6. Dream Theaters current record label is...
  7. John Myung plays...
  8. Which anagram is most apt to Dream Theater's Drummer
  9. Did you notice that in question 10 all the wrong answers were in fact anagrams of the other members of Dream Theater
  10. Dream Theater's 20th anniversary release is called

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