Vampire's Assistant

There aren't that many tough quizzes out there, but this one might be the toughest you've ever taken. Darren Shan's Sequel to the Cirque du freak series, The Vampire's Assistant.

If you've read the book "Vampire's Assistant" by Darren Shan, and want to test your knowledge of this book... then take this quiz! (Super tough quiz)

Created by: AJ of Brett AJ Joe not Chris
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  1. Who is Darren Shan?
  2. what is the snake boy's name?
  3. Who's Mr. Tiny?
  4. Who's Kevin?
  5. When will they attack?
  6. Who's Sam
  7. how long can Darren Survive without blood?
  8. Why does Darren eat Sam?
  9. What does Darren get after eating Sam?
  10. what year was this book published in?

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