highschool musical

You are a contestant on the game show Let's Make a Deal, and emcee Monty Hall has a game for you to play. On stage are three huge doors, and he informs you that hidden behind one of the three doors is a brand new sports car, behind another is a donkey, and behind another is 400 pounds of bananas. (This may seem obvious, but your goal is to get the car, not the donkey or the bananas.) He asks you to choose one door, and you will win the prize behind that door. You choose, but before he reveals what you have won, Monty reveals what's behind one of the doors you did not pick, and it's not the car. Before revealing what lies behind the remaining two doors, he makes you one final offer: if you wish, you may switch from your choice to the other remaining door. The question is: Should you switch, should you not switch, or does it matter

A professor tells her assistant that she dined with three people last night. She also tells him that the sum of the three people's ages is twice the secretary's own age and that the product of the three people's ages is 2,450. Then, she asks him to tell her the ages of the three people. After a while, the assistant tells the professor that he doesn't have enough information to solve the problem. She agrees and adds that she is older than all three people with whom she dined. The assistant, who knows her age, promptly gives the professor the correct ages. The question is: What are the ages of all five people in this story?

Created by: kieran
  1. whos troy boltons best friend ?
  2. when troy arrived for the first day at school what colour jacket did he have on
  3. what is troys teacher called ?
  4. at the start of the movie when troy and his dad are playing basket ball who stops them ?
  5. what other band sang get cha get cha head in the game
  6. in the first song of the movie [the start of somthing new]what was the first word
  7. in the big match who did the wildcats play ?
  8. who is the captan of the wild cats ?
  9. whats troy boltons real name ?
  10. whats the last song called in the movie ?

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