Emo/scene virtual highschool.Will you survive?

This quiz shows what rank will you be in this highschool.Will you be bullied or you`ll be popular? Idk REALLY what to write anymore here.Bumdadabum!!!

x] Umm,READ THE 1ST paragraph :] Btw,this quiz is ONLY for girls. But guys can do it,too if they`re bi/gay :] :]] I hope you get rank 1. NOT REALLY. XD I lied. ;]

Created by: Miley
  1. The school is painted half black and half white and it has checkered windows with pokemon`s and stickers on them.What do you think?
  2. You see a hot emo/scene guy[he has snakebites.XD] drawing.Then he walks up to you&says;;"Hey." What do you do?
  3. You`re new in this school and you find out that here we have ranks.What do you think?
  4. You see Josh[the hottie in 4th question].He walks up to you and smiles.You say you want to ask him something and he allows you to.What do you ask?
  5. You sit down at lunch by yourself,tomorrow you`ll have you`re rank quiz.There are people asking you out to sit at they`re table.With which will you sit?
  6. While,you`re walking to school,you see Josh.Today he`s hot as hell and he smiles at you walking quickly. "Hey!What`s the rush?"
  7. The next day.You have your first ever school party!And your rank will be announced after 2 more boring questions. >:D So,what will you wear?
  8. Hah.[: The quiz is almost over. Baha.[: Liked it,bizznitches?
  9. :] You`ll find out your rank after this question.The quiz,if you`re wondering, was made by Miley&Christina.[: We`re cousins.And i,Miley, am in Stardoll.com :] my username is lauruxiic,Christina,hasn`t created an acc. on SD yet.c[: That bizznitch!
  10. Oh.]: We have to have an another question. Okay bizznitches,listen up! I said LISTEN UP! [Btw,never mind the questions;;1.,2.,10.,11.&12.It won`t affect your rank NO matter what are the questions.]

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Quiz topic: Emo/scene virtual highschool.will I survive?