Do You Know Disney's Virtual Magic Kingdom?

Do you think you know Disney's online Virtual theme park? It's called VMK! Take the test and see if you are the VMK Expert! Do you think you know VMK?! Take the test and have fun!

Are you the VMK expert or the VMK dummy? Take the Do You Know Disney's Virtual Magic Kingdom? test to find out! Do you think you know VMK? Have fun taking the test!

Created by: abby
  1. Which land could you meet Captain Blackheart?
  2. What shop can you visit Esmeralda?
  3. In Tommorowland, where can you go to get your Driver's Liscense?
  4. Where can you get served and eat excellent food by Gator Waitor?
  5. What is the name of the two virtual people who speak about the rules on the VMK Homepage?
  6. What movie treat cart did the Emporium sell at one time?
  7. Who could you visit and get credits from in Fantasyland? Hint: He's cold, not hot!
  8. How many songs could you save On the Monorail Music Mixer and at the Main Street Music Game?
  9. Can you play the songs you made and saved at the Main Street Music Game and the Monorail Music Mixer?
  10. What was the big depression about in March-May 2008?
  11. What is "replacing" VMK?
  12. What was the most popular site to sign a petition to save VMK?
  13. What day did VMK decide to close its Magical Gates?

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Quiz topic: Do I Know Disney's Virtual Magic Kingdom?