Survive The Nightmare

GIRLS! Ever watched an old Friday the 13th and wondered if you could be as brave?! Ever felt a chill at night when you tried to sleep, like someone was watching you, just waiting for you to drift off so they could steal you away?! Well, find out now if YOU could SURVIVE THE NIGHTMARE!

You are watching a new horror movie with some of your friends. It starts to get late and all your friends have to go home. But you stay up late to watch the ending. (You just GOT TO KNOW if the heros make it out of the haunted house or not!) Right before the ending scene, you start to drift off. The last thing you hear is glass shattering, a door opening, and footsteps... And it's NOT coming from your TV! You fall asleep...

Created by: J_Tiger2
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  1. You wake up in a strange room with candles lite all around you. There seems to be no electricity in the old house and you're sitting on a bed that looks like it hasn't been slept in in 100 years... What do you do?
  2. After screaming, no one answers. After trying the door, you find it to be locked. After opening the window, you see you're on the fourth floor of a huge, old mansion and you've got no clue as to where you might be. You think to yourself...
  3. Just then you hear the door being unlocked. To swing yourself around but all you see is a dark hallway... Whoever opened the door must've ran away. What do you do?
  4. You decide to go investigate the rest of the house now that you can get out of the room. You grab your candle and decide to take one other thing with you as a weapon. You take...
  5. As you creep into the hall, suden movement catches your attention. You follow it to find another bedroom lit with candles just as the one you woke up in was. You walk in saying...
  6. You walk in and you don't see anyone in the room. This bedroom is much nicer then the other, you notice. You take another step in and hear the door click shut behind you. You turn around and see a huge man step forward, smiling at you. You can't make out his features in the dim light, but you can tell that his face is horribly mangled. You...
  7. He chuckles at your weak attempts and in a cool, calm voice says: "Hello. I've been waiting for you." You're response:
  8. He laughs again and takes another step closer to you, grabing your weapon with one hand, and seezing your candle with the other. Before you can scream, he smiles darkly, revealing a row of razor sharp teeth in his mouth.
  9. "I'd like you to stay here with me," he continues in the same monotonous voice. "I'd like you to be my wife. I've been watching you from a far for quite some time now... and I think you're just perfect for me."
  10. He takes another step forward, drops your candle and weapon, and takes hold of your left hand. He reaches into his back pocket, what do you think he'll pull out...?
  11. To your horror, he pulls out a small black box and with one finger flips it open to show you the content. It's a DIMOND RING! He takes the ring out and lets the box drop to the floor. As he starts to force the ring onto your unwilling hand, you...
  12. He deflects your throws and ignores your comments and gets the ring on your finger. Then he starts backing the two of you up until you feel a bed post digging into your back. He starts to lean in as if he's about to kiss you.
  13. After forcing you into multiple kisses, he pulls away from you, smiling. "I'll be right back," he says and chuckles, "Don't go anywhere." He walks out of the bedroom after grabbing a candle. You hear the CLICK of the door locking behind him... Now what?
  14. When he walks back into the room he looks around confused because he can't find you. You step out from behind the door and knock his block off with your weapon! He falls and hits the floor with a loud BANG! Now you...
  15. Okay, there are two stair cases: one to the left, one the right, which do you take to get to the first floor?
  16. After a lot of stair climbing, you get to the first floor. There are two hallways: One in front of you, one behind. Which one do you think leads to the front door?
  17. You're at the door, you try the knob--It's locked! Where do you check for keys?
  18. You finally find the keys and unlock the door. You run down the long, curvy driveway. You've got no idea where you are going. Pick a way to go-
  19. As you turn to leave, you notice HIM staring at you from his window. Despite his misshapen face and pointed teeth, he looks so sad, lonely and helpless-What do you do?
  20. Through some extreme amount of luck, you find your way back to your house. And after locking every door and window you own, you colapse on the couch exasted and fall asleep. What are you thinking about that moment you drift off into unconsiousness?
  21. You wake up on your couch the next morning! WOW! What was that all about? What do you think? Just a dream... or was it real?
  22. Just then you feel some weight on your left hand, you look down and see on your finger... A dimond ring!

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