Can you survive a zombie pandemic?

There are 7 different possible ways for a zombie pandemic to occur. This is a quiz to see how well you can do, this tells you if you will survive! Do well, and you might!

How well can you survive? Are you a Meatbag, or can you be The Reconstuctor of Mankind? This is a battle of wits, brutality, and speed. Can you handle it?

Created by: Eddie

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  1. You hear the news of the zombies on T.V. You
  2. Where do you go when your under attack?
  3. What is your weapon of choice?
  4. What is your get-away vehicle?
  5. Your family has been infected. You are devastated by the loss.
  6. You have the antidote to the zombies, however, you are going to die. You
  7. You find a group of survivors, but one of their members is going to become a zombie, they are infected. The other survivors don't want to accept that though. You
  8. You find a flamethrower. Do you take it?
  9. The military comes to your group of survivors on a helicoptor. Do you go with them?
  10. A zombie begins to speak, and wishes for peace, do you
  11. While your at a cook out, you hear the news on the radio, and when you turn from the grill, everyone is a zombie. You have hamburger, hotdogs, brats, and a spatula. What do you do?
  12. Your in Manhatten, and they're about to close off the main land. What do you do?
  13. You are at the zoo at the time of the crisis. The animals begin to act unusual. A gorrilla mawls a security guard. You take his weapon. It only has 2 shots. Now what?

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Quiz topic: Can I survive a zombie pandemic?