Would you survive a Zombie uprising?

Surviving a zombie uprising will take preparation, planning and plain old fashioned know how. Zombies are slow moving, brain sucking, highly infectious reanimated corpses. Take the quiz to find out if you could survive!

So would you survive a zombie outbreak, only time will tell. If you are impatient you could also take this quiz (note the quiz will not make you immune to zombie uprisings)

Created by: Gman
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  1. A zombie (classic, slow moving, re-animated corpse ones) horde is roaming the street outside your house, you ______.
  2. When looking for a weapon to kill zombies with, one should go _____
  3. Zombies are usually out to eat ____
  4. After the events of question 1 you.
  5. You finally leave (or are force to leave) your house. Where do you go?
  6. The power is out in your base. What do you do.
  7. if you see a zombie coming towards you in the distance, and you are way out in the open you.
  8. You are awoken by nearby Zombie moans, you __
  9. You have been bitten on the arm by a zombie, you?
  10. The best clothing for a zombie attack is:
  11. When (and if) you find a stock of guns you should take:
  12. The thought of Zombies makes you?
  13. Which one it the best for surviving a zombie attack?
  14. You have died. You simply ___

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