Would you survive a zombie apocolypse?

There are many zombie quizzes, most try to see how you'll survive based upon specific tactics but maybe it's not that simple, maybe you'll be out amongst the hordes and things will be different.

Could you survive the zombie world yes, no, maybe, maybe you'll survive this quiz maybe not maybe you could have survived but were just unlucky, lets find out.

Created by: Zombie Survivor

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  1. You survived the initial outbreak, whilst everyone else was panicing you kept your cool and made it to your hideout which was???
  2. You come out of hiding and have no supplies, what do you look for first?
  3. And how do you get there?
  4. Well you've got supplies and a weapon and are confronted by a zombie as you leave, it is in the doorway so you must kill it... how?
  5. With all the noise made killing that zed (zeds dead baby) you've attracted some friends. what do you do?
  6. Well you're still alive but only because you were saved by that hot sexy zombie slayer over there... do you?
  7. You hear noises coming from your radio and realise it is survivors broadcasting their location and asking for help, they are located en route to your base?
  8. On your way home you encounter some survivors fleeing from raiders. Do you?
  9. Well that was interesting, you've finally reached your base as the sun sets do you.
  10. Well you survived the day but as you go to enter your base you notice the door is open do you.
  11. Inside you find a super hot zombie do you, you need to kill it but first.

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