Zombie suvival Quiz

Will you survive a Zombie apocolypse if you wish to find out take my short quiz my questions ask the biggest parts of the outbreak meaning what have the biggest imact on whether you live or die

my quiz features questions that determin usabilty of selected weapons and vehicles to best place to stay and bunker down. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!

Created by: Jason

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. You go into town to make a fortification, you chose.
  2. Out of the following which do you prefer
  3. Out of the following which would you take?
  4. Out of the following which would you grab
  5. Out of the following where would you go.
  6. Where do you sleep
  7. your friend gets bitten
  8. how heavy do you sleep
  9. How would you rate your attractiveness. (be honest)
  10. how far can you run non-stop
  11. My vehicle
  12. i can heal
  13. i take how many people with me

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