Zombie Survival Quiz

There are many people who think they know what to do when an Zombie outbreak occurs... but when it occurs some run around screaming like girls. lol, but are you a smart person who knows what to do??? Find out by taking this Quiz!

Are you a person who is smart enough to survive an Zombie Outbreak!?!??! Well if you think you are take this quiz and you will Find out in the just a few minutes!!!!!!!! Enjoy!!! : )

Created by: Antonio
  1. Gender???
  2. How old are u?
  3. You wake up due to a scream and a gun shot... you look outside you see a person biting another person and cops shooting people who look like zombies! what do u do?
  4. You are getting chased by 20 zombies!You have a pistol but it only has 3 bullets! what do u do?
  5. wheres the nearest place you would go if u were being chased by zombies??
  6. Zombies can only be killed by.....
  7. Your in a mall swarming with zombies where do u go?
  8. A karate man has just got bitten, will he remembers his karate moves and go bruce lee on you?
  9. If u were running away from zombies what would u do?
  10. Do u have a plan to survive a zombie breakout, if it does occur?
  11. If u do have a plan what does it involve?
  12. If your best friend got bitten what would u do?
  13. What would be your primary weapon?
  14. You see a group of people being attacked by Zombies.. wat do u do?
  15. Your surronded by 60 zombies and the only thing you have is Brass nuckles and your Ipod.. what do you do???
  16. You and your friend are trapped in a Movie theater, where do u go?
  17. Lets see what u kno about surviving:What kind of hair is good to have?
  18. Survival Q:Your in a mall and havent heard a single scream/gun shot in 2 days!Your hungry and have 20 shells left in your shotgun.. what do you do?
  19. You are 5 Hours away from the nearest military base and all the police stations have been wiped out by zombies and all the gun stores have been looted! what do u do?
  20. Your are trapped in an airport, swarming with hundreds of zombies.. You are hiding with a group of survivors, one of them can fly a plane.. what do u do?

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