zombie survival quiz

Do you think you can survive a zombie apocalypse? well I guess we will find out won't we? this is not based on any Hollywood movies or shows this is based on books and common sense hope you do well.

Btw don't worry about getting chased down by a zombie they can't run they aren't coordinated enough to do that so since you know that maybe you will do a little better.

Created by: chandler
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  1. say you are watching the news and they say there is a zombie invasion, what do you do?
  2. do you have quick access to a weapon that you can get to in a minute's notice?
  3. do you live in a highly populated city?
  4. have you ever been a boy/girl scout and if so for how long
  5. do you live in a multi story house/ apartment
  6. do you know how to drive a car?
  7. have you seen something traumatic like a gruesome death or injury
  8. do you have a firearm in your household and if so how many
  9. do you live with any small children
  10. have you ever been in a real fight?
  11. do you know how to swim
  12. if you and 3 other survivors were together and all you had left for food was a can of green beans what would you do?
  13. do you know how to make a weapon like a spear or bow
  14. one of your friends gets bit by a zombie what do you do
  15. if you had to choose out of these places to settle in which one would it be?
  16. in a zombie apocalypse what would you be
  17. out of these weapons which one would you want

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