Insert Generic Zombie Quiz Here: The Sequel

Too often Gotoquiz is besieged by grammatically atrocious, misinformed, incomprehensive, and generally poorly-constructed zombie survival quizzes. It is my sincere hope that this, the sequel to "Insert Generic Zombie Survival Test Here," is none of the above, and as such, you will find that a multitude of research and consideration has gone into it. Considering both of the common zombie types, a myriad of circumstances and knowledge surrounding them, and testing the potential survivor's ability in varied situations, this is quite possibly the most conprehensive zombie survival quiz to-date.

So have you memorised the world's resources on zombie slaying? Have a poster of Machete Jim in your bedroom? Think you have the wits to protect yourself, the skill to vanquish your undead foes, and the abilities to save your hide in the midst of a class 3 or even 4 outbreak? Do you know the viruses inside and out? Do you wield the weapons masterfully? Can you dodge danger in the most extinuating circumstances? We shall see!

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  1. First things first. There are three MAIN probable causes behind any given case of zombieism: Voodoo Madjiks and which two viruses? (Note: when you see "S" and "C" zombies in this quiz, they refer to this question.)
  2. Voodoo zombies are:
  3. In the case of "C" zombies, there exists...
  4. In the case of "S" zombies, there exists how many greatly distinct varieties?
  5. The "S" virus was first discovered by Westerners through...
  6. Regardless of which, if you... a virus-based zombie, you will be infected with the virus.
  7. In the case of "S" zombies, the virus spreading via insects is...
  8. In the case of the "S" virus, which victims are safe to eat?
  9. In order to reach a full transformation, the "S" and "C" viruses, respectively, usually require the passing of how many hours after infection?
  10. The "S" virus is capable of reanimating corpses created by another means.
  11. The "C" virus is capable of doing so.
  12. How may one quickly determine whether they are combatting "S" or "C" zombies?
  13. Zombies can be killed by...
  14. Zombies can be practically disabled by...
  15. One highly proffessional source, while almost universally correct, makes one false claim that the "S" virus is fatal to all living things. Which of the following are usually not overcome by it?
  16. How much weight do you think you can safely carry, given devices such as backpacks, bags, and similar containers, for 6 hours of walking?
  17. Withing one minute of now, can you access a firearm and relevant ammunition?
  18. Which of these best describes the location of your home?
  19. How much skill do you have in improvising weapons and devices? (Select the furthest down which applies.)
  20. Which of these can you safely pilot? Choose the furthest down which applies.
  21. How long can you probably remain awake and reasonably alert whilst doing semi-sedentary activity, if there's a notable chance that your life depends on it?
  22. In the case of the "S" virus, has it been proven possible to trick the zombies by acting as them? In the case of the "C" virus?
  23. How well do you know your local ecology/geography?
  24. (Note: Most of the rest of the quiz will be in "scenario" format.) You awake, turn on the television, and catch a local news bulletin in which police are shown surrounding a home described as housing several diseased and openly hostile individuals. You think, "Damn! ...!"
  25. But despite that well-thought-out assumption, the outbreak has escalated to considerably larger proportions by the next day. Several zombies are, in fact, in your yard. What do you do?
  26. Upon observing the neighborhood, there are a few scattered zombies and various humans combatting them. With this knowledge, you:
  27. Although they are rudimentary at best, which type of zombie retains the most human psychological characteristics?
  28. If you were going to combat any type of zombies and only the items mentioned were available, which strategy and equipment would best suit you? Assume that you will be fighting in a solo situation.
  29. If you knew you would have to find and fortify a new shelter and probably deal with other survivors while using that equipment, of the following, what would you add to your arsenal?
  30. If you have determined that the area is too dangerous and you must travel and/or upgrade your shelter, of these, where will you go?
  31. If "S" zombies are the cause, using?
  32. How about if "C" zombies were the cause?
  33. Considering the level of fortification you would have put into your home, how likely is that scenario?
  34. If one's lover had been bitten but had not yet turned or lost conciousness, would it be safe to kiss him/her?
  35. In the field, SPAM (with an expiration date of 2230, packaging date of November 5th of last year) is best used for...
  36. There are rumours of a certain two sentient zombies of unknown origin who travel together and are friendly to some humans. How would one recognise them during a class 3 outbreak?
  37. Do you know who Hoss Delgado is? Would he fare well against "S" or "C" zombies?
  38. Would Ferdinand Magellan fare well against "S" or "C" zombies?
  39. In combatting zombies, which is the best equipment you could practically hope to field?
  40. Roughly speaking, SNAFU is to SUSFU as RTFM is to...
  41. When travelling, the ideal group is...
  42. Do you have any mechanical skill, in terms of vehicles or household appliances?
  43. How would you rate your willpower?
  44. How would you rate your moralistic tendencies?
  45. What is your IQ?
  46. How high is your will to survive?
  47. What is the aproximate chance that a speedy and clean amputation will save a victim of a zombie bite on a nonvital body part from death and/or transformation, INCLUDING cases in which death is caused by the amputation?

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